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A Hymn of Joyous Thanksgiving

November 26th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

First off, a happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

I think it’s appropriate to share with you the following setting of the “Te Deum,” what with it still being “Everything English Month.” It was written by Handel after a stunning English victory over the French forces in Bavaria, at a town called “Dettingen.” The king of England, George II, commissioned the piece to capture the true majesty of England and to render thanksgiving where it was due – God. This setting is in English, and starts with the words, “We praise Thee O God.”

One again, enjoy the holiday!


10 Responses to “A Hymn of Joyous Thanksgiving”

  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for the wonderful music

  2. avatar Dr. K says:

    Happy thanksgiving to all! Today is a perfect time to thank the Lord for life, faith, family, and all the blessings he has bestowed upon us.

    Be safe tomorrow if you will be shopping. I don't want to hear of anyone getting trampled to death like what happened at a Walmart last year.

    God bless.

    ~Dr. K

  3. A happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all. Laudetur Jesus Christus.

  4. avatar Mary Kay says:

    A happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you.

  5. avatar Persis says:

    Gen, thanks for the great video! I actually voted for the Te Deum in your latest poll, it is probably my favorite prayer of all time!!
    Dr. K & Choir, thank you for you Thanksgivng wishes,
    wishing everyone here at Cleansing Fire a blessed & happy Thanksgiving and wishes for a prayerful Advent!

    Peace to All!


  6. avatar Scott/Mary says:

    I'm thankful for this blog. Everyday I read it. Makes me smile and sometimes laugh. I love the videos, the sense of humor and the connection we all share with our beloved faith. Thank you Gen, Dr. K, and Choir for all your hard work:)

  7. Scott/Mary…thank you for the kind words and more than that, thank you for reading the blog.

  8. avatar Tmac says:

    I hope everyone at Cleansing Fire had a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving yesterday!

  9. avatar Gen says:

    We hope the same was true for you, as well!

  10. avatar Gen says:

    Thank you to all who expressed gratitude – we are deeply honored by your kindness.

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