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Poll Results

October 15th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

After several polls to the right of your screen, the following information is in:

  • People prefer the Southern European polyphony of Victoria and Palestrina over the Northern European polyphony of Byrd and Tallis.
  • An overwhelming number of people (85%) feel that Sr. Joan Sobala is the most notorious lay preacher in the diocese. Make that most notorious and not excommunicated lay preacher in the diocese.
  • The vast majority of the readers here are from Our Lady of Victory, the Latin Mass Community and “liturgically neutral” suburban parishes (i.e. “my parish is not here”).
  • And, finally, evidently the sitcom “Friends” is to be avoided like the plague. My vote in the sitcom poll went to Frasier, but I am also quite partial to The Office.

So . . . that means that the ideal Sunday for a Cleansing Fire reader would include an all-day Office marathon, during which a reverent Novus Ordo (i.e. ad orientem and in Latin) would be said at a more centrally-located suburban parish, at which the Missa Brevis of Palestrina would be sung. Sounds excellent, presuming that you can wrench yourselves away from your blog-filled computer screens, away from the Office marathon and into the pews at “St. Whatever Church” for a most inspiring Mass. Maybe if we were at Spiritus Christi or Old St. Mary’s, we could just watch The Office during Mass, thus alleviating the need for transit time.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like me.

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