Cleansing Fire

Defending Truth and Tradition in the Roman Catholic Church

Photo Caption Contest #5

October 20th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

Have fun. As usual, the winning caption will receive five Cleansing Fire prayer cards.



10 Responses to “Photo Caption Contest #5”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The next bishop of Rochester tears down Sacred Heart Cathedral, and rebuilds it to its previous beauty.

  2. Hello! ma baby
    Hello! ma honey
    Hello! ma ragtime gal
    Send me a kiss by wire
    Baby, ma heart's on fire!
    If you refuse me
    Honey, you'll lose me
    Then you'll be left alone
    Oh, baby, telephone
    And tell me I'm your own!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The next bishop begins the task of rebuilding the DoR… literally.

  4. Anonymous says:

    "And upon this rock I will build my church"

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Honor Vincit says:

    Upon sealing the catacombs of St. Edward Parish, Msgr. O'Flagherty realizes he may have "accidentally" left his lay preacher inside. "Ooops."

  7. Mike says:

    "Union card? What union card?"

  8. Mike says:

    Or, how about,

    "No, Your Excellency, I'm not THAT kind of mason."

  9. Anonymous says:

    You see this giant cornerstone, Sr. Preaches O'Lot? Your head is about to make contact with it if I catch you giving another homily in my parish.

  10. Gen says:

    We have a winner! Anonymous 12:08 – send an email to me at and I'll send out your prayer cards right away.

    Excellent mental picture, btw. lol

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