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Now That’s Just Cold

October 20th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

I was recently speaking with a friend about how the traditional movement in the diocese is typically prayerful, in good humor and in the background. Basically, we don’t force it on those who are not open to it. We then started talking about how the use of prayer and of reverence in the Mass is often frowned upon by those in authority who see such things as the rosary and kneeling as “admirable, but not a must.” She then related to me the following:

I was at a local adoration chapel, and on each decade of the rosary that a group of us was saying we could voice an intention. On one decade, I was able to voice a petition, and I did so for the parish of St. John of Rochester, that it may someday re-embrace Tradition in a fuller sense. The priest who was overseeing the adoration and rosary quietly got up and left. Once out of the main chapel, he turned the heat off on us. Geeze, you’d think we just asked to have a Latin Mass right there!

(This was a day last week when the high was in the 40’s.)



12 Responses to “Now That’s Just Cold”

  1. CPT Tom says:

    What a childish thing to do. I am however, not surprised, considering what goes on in this diocese. A good many of our priests, even some supposed "conservative" priests are allergic to anything traditional.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am 92 years old and my eye sight is starting to go.

    Are these Altar Boys in the picture with long hair?

    My granddaughter says that it is "not cool" for "girls" to be Altar Boys.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That is a despicable thing to do. Shame on this priest. These east side priests are all the same.

  4. Gen says:

    @ Anonymous 11:43 – Yes, they are girls. lol I wish they weren't, but, alas, I am not the pope. However, if the rumors prove to be true, within the next few years we may see a dramatic reduction in the number of these Catholic girls taking the place of young men at the altar.

    @ Anonymous 11:48 – Definitely. I have noticed that Rochester suffers from pettiness and vanity amongst its clerical ranks. I'm not criticizing priests, mind you. I'm simply stating that of all the vices with which we as humans are afflicted, the folks of Rochester tend to experience a lot more of the two I mentioned.

  5. RochChaCha says:

    Do we know which of the priests did this? There are only two priests at this parish, Father Peter (pastor) and Father Hogan (priest in residence). The other priest, Father Phillips is at the motherhouse where he is recovering from an illness. Father Hogan is a rather old gentleman. I would be surprised if he sprang up, and dashed out. I'd be really curious as to which priest it was that 'turned of the heat'. Maybe it was getting 'to hot to handle' in the chapel.

  6. Gen says:

    When she told me the story, she didn't say which adoration chapel she was using. It might not have been that particular parish, but St. John of Rochester is her "official" parish.

    I shall ask her when I see her next.

  7. Mary Kay says:

    Turning off the heat was indeed childish.

  8. Anonymous says:

    He turned off the heat because the room was heating up with the truth, and these spirit of VII leaders don't like the truth.

  9. Gen says:

    "The cold was cheap, and Scrooge liked it."

    I think we could draw many metaphors from Charles Dickens in the DoR. lol

  10. RochChaCha says:


    I'd be very curious. Please post after you have had a chance to speak with the person who reported this unfortunate event.

  11. Yapollo says:


    Unfortunately the sad part is that I can believe this story, with every going on in the Church.

    In response to drawing metaphors from Dickens: hilarious.

  12. Sister Emily says:

    Please don't bite my head off as i am in agreement, but are boys stepping up to serve?

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