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Nod of the Miter, Smack of the Crozier – October 22, 2009

October 22nd, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

Primarily, I wish to apologize for not having kept up a steady stream of YouTube videos. As I said a while back, my movie making program is less-than-sufficient. Regardless, until I can resume weekly Nod/Smack segments, I’ll do a less frequent segment in text here, like when it originally started.

So here we go!

A nod of the miter goes to the conservative voices at the New Oxford Review for their ad entitled, “Join the Vast Right-Wing Catholic Conspiracy.” I don’t I need to say anything but “I already have.” Here is a snippet of the subsequent text:

“Meanwhile, liberal nay-saying Catholics, who haven?t had an innovative idea since the Sixties, sit in their overstuffed tenured chairs, their bureaucratic sinecures, and their gourmet restaurants.”

A smack of the crozier goes to doctorate-holders who don’t know what a “Jesuit” institution is. Example: “Yes, he graduated from a Jesuit college.” “Um, what’s that mean?”

A nod of the miter goes to upstate New York gamers who developed a Diocese of Rochester version of a sci-fi board game. A short list of “nations” which was facebooked to me includes “Swieckians,” “Surplicians” (i.e. “surplice”), “Antinarellians,” “Sobaalans,” and “Cementubulars” (i.e. the cement tube at St. John the Evangelist in Greece). Behold the dangers of students with too much time and high GPA’s.

A smack of the crozier goes to Halloween Masses. No, we haven’t been invited to any with costumes, but it’s only a matter of time. Bishop Clark, on that note, I would like a Superhero Mass.

Another smack of the crozier goes to these “choir robe” combinations. (Click here) I’ll stick with the tried and true black and white, thank you very much. A tad more tasteful, no? Then again, in the words of a priest whom we all love and adore, “In matters of taste, there can be no argument.”

A nod of the miter goes to the St. John Neumann Shrine for their masterful renovation. See below:



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  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    Beautifully done – although I would have retained some tasteful natural light.

  2. avatar Anonymous says:


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