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Nobel Peace Prize

October 9th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

President Obama was been awarded an honor by the Nobel Prize Committee, the title of which is “the Nobel Peace Prize.”

It must be that they awarded it to him because of the peace a child finds in her mother’s womb. Or perhaps the peace the Iraqi people find when the US removes their protective barrier of military might. Perhaps it was even awarded because of the peace that gay couples will receive when they are married at the altar. Another possibility is the peace we will find when we lose our monetary security to socialized medicine.

I think not.

To award this prize to President Obama is to give a seemingly world-wide stamp of approval to his programs and goals. “Nobel Prize Committee Says ‘Yes’ to FOCA.” I should think that if Nobel himself were still alive, he would be appalled that the Nobel Peace Prize fell to leftist Americans two times in the past few years. He would not have stood for trumped-up “evidence” for man-made global warming, nor would he have stood for massacre of unborn children for the sake of personal choice. Anyone who says that Mother Theresa is on the same level of “peace-making” as President Obama is suffering from a massive delusion and evasion of reality.

For this reason, Cleansing Fire now declares the Nobel Prize Committee under interdict. Let them be anathema.



11 Responses to “Nobel Peace Prize”

  1. Ben Anderson says:

    wow – what a joke.

  2. Kelly says:

    He was nominated not for who he is or what he has done, but solely for the fact that he was NOT George W. Bush. The nominations were due by February 1 – a mere couple of weeks into his presidency. The Noble Prize for peace has come to mean absolutely nothing to me – and not just because of this most recent nonsense. When Gore was chosen over Irena Sendler, I knew this had nothing to do with peace. It is clearly personal and very political.

  3. Nerina says:

    Exactly, Kelly.

    I echo Ben's sentiment, what a joke.

    The prize has become meaningless.

  4. Dr. K says:

    So should I expect my Nobel Peace Prize in the mail? Clearly any Joe blow can win this now without having accomplished much of anything towards world peace.

    ~Dr. K

  5. Kelly says:

    Dr. K, you seem to have overlooked the obvious. Winners need to be left-wing political figures. I'm not sure you fit the bill. Did YOU invent the internet? Do YOU schmooze with Hamas leaders and pose for photos? Do YOU find yourself in a daily panic over the polar ice caps? Do YOU have any experience as a community organizer?

    Silly, Dr. K.

  6. Gen says:

    He was nominated for his rhetoric. Mother Theresa was nominated for putting her own person in immediate danger every day of her life for the sake of love and . . .peace. Making empty campaign promises and feeding the dying or fighting for equality at PERSONAL RISK are not equal, no matter how you look at it.

    I can only hope that, given his narrow choices in Afghanistan and Iraq concerning military build-ups, Mr. Obama will decline the nomination. It would be the dignified thing to do.

  7. Dr. K says:

    Rush is going to have a field day with this one!

    ~Dr. K

  8. Gen says:

    I can't wait. lol

  9. Tony says:

    And the voting for the prize took place in February.

  10. Nerina says:

    Refresh my memory. Didn't Mother Theresa talk about how there can be no real peace in the world as long as mothers are allowed to kill their unborn children? I think she said that at a National Prayer breakfast during Clinton's time in office. Ironic that the most pro-abortion U.S. President is now receiving an award for "peace."

  11. Yapollo says:

    If you look at that date that I posted this comment, I will have you know that everyone I know is making jokes about just how "deserving" our president is of earning this reward.

    Regardless, I have started to notice that eve nmore people are waking up to see how "amazing" Obama is, so as always there is hope.

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