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SSPX Dialogue Scheduled for Late October

September 16th, 2009, Promulgated by Dr. K

The Vatican has confirmed that discussions between the Holy See and the Society of St. Pius X, a Traditional Latin Mass society formerly excommunicated latae sententiae as a result of the ordination of four bishops without the approval of the Pope, will begin the week of October 18th of this year.

The Vatican has stated what items will be non-negotiable in these discussions:
-The Church’s current position towards non-Christian religions (including Judaism and Islam)
-Religious freedom as a human right

Please pray that these discussions will be fruitful for the SSPX, and for our Church as a whole. The return of the SSPX to the Catholic Church would only make us stronger and further the restoration of tradition as the Church reexamines the outcomes since the Second Vatican Council, and how well these outcomes correlate with the Council documents.

And yes, I did use “dialogue” in the post title. The progressives always wanted dialogue, did they not?

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2 Responses to “SSPX Dialogue Scheduled for Late October”

  1. I LOVE this website, but you have it wrong as regards the SSPX. The SSPX have NEVER left the Catholic Church. They were founded in 1970 with complete approval of the Vatican. It is they who are more reliably Catholic than the powers that be in the Vatican. All Catholics owe a debt of gratitude to St. Marcel LeFebvre and the SSPX for preserving the Tridentine Latin Mass. If it were up to me, the SSPX would abandon these discussions and consecrate more auxiliary bishops until Pope Benedict XVI or his successor, possesses the courage and humility to jettison V2 in its entirety.

  2. avatar Gen says:

    I think the SSPX, while schismatic, is more "in line" with Rome than the Spiritus Christi folks. With that said, however, I seem to recall one of the heads of the SSPX referring to John Paul II as "a great liturgical ape."

    While I wouldn't close the book on their sanctity, I wouldn't hold it aloft, either. We all held on without breaking from Rome.

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