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Sage Observation From Cardinal Siri

September 10th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

“If the Church were not Divine, this council (Vatican II) would have buried her.”

-Cardinal Giuseppe Siri


On a side note, someone recently criticized me/us for “attacking the pope.” For future reference, citing papal documents is not anti-papal. When someone says, “Pope Benedict said in _____, that _______ is not permitted,” that someone is not saying any of the following:

  • The pope is wrong.
  • The pope is not a valid pope.
  • The pope should resign.
  • The pope should be ousted.
  • The pope should be re-educated.
  • The pope is out-of-line.
  • The pope is inappropriate.
  • The pope is too out-dated.
  • The pope is absolutely insane.

If anyone says that, then that’s what we consider to be “sede vacantist,” that is, Catholic who believe that the See of Rome has no validly elected leader, i.e. “pope.” We are not of this persuasion here at Cleansing Fire. Anyone who suggests anything to the contrary should be considered illiterate. I think the photo below shows that our late pontiff John Paul II agrees with my statement.

Pope John Paul II, defender of the faith, pray for us.


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