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Poll #12 – Rochester’s Greatest Bishop

September 20th, 2009, Promulgated by Dr. K

With the Cleansing Fire conclave approaching its end, the appropriate poll question for this week is: Who has been the greatest bishop in the history of the DoR? There are several fine choices for you to choose from below. If you strongly feel that an auxiliary bishop has been our best bishop, go ahead and post the name as a write-in candidate, though this list is filled with all of our chief shepherds. I think this one may be a blowout, but we’ll see how the vote goes down. Try and evaluate the entire body of work, not just who was a nice guy or a great speaker. Happy voting!

Who is the greatest bishop in DoR history?

Results from poll #11 – How do you prefer to make your Confession? This contest was not even close. “In the box or behind a screen” was the runaway favorite, with 56% of the 43 votes cast. The distant second place choice was face-to-face with nine votes, followed by “It’s been so long” with eight. Thank you once again for your participation.



4 Responses to “Poll #12 – Rochester’s Greatest Bishop”

  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    My vote has to go to the first bishop of Rochester, Bishop Bernard McQuaid.

    Bishop McQuaid knew how to evangelize. He more than doubled the number of Catholics in the diocese.

    The bishop built 58 parishes, 7 mission churches, 53 parish schools and St. Bernard's Seminary on Lake Ave. in Rochester.

  2. avatar Gen says:

    He certainly got my vote.

  3. avatar Sister Emily says:

    All this voting is exhausting!
    I am looking forward to a humorous video , lots of smacks and nods.

  4. I'd have to agree. McQuaid was a builder and defender of the faith. He was big into cathectics for all Catholics, especially children. Bishop McQuaid talked tough and carried a big crozier. We need a bishop like that now.

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