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Oh Dear God – They’ve Got Prayer Cards Now

September 29th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

First was the video in English.

Then was the video with Spanish subtitles.

Now there are prayer cards with the song’s refrain on them.

If you are able, you might consider going to the Cleansing Fire store at, located half way down on your right, and ordering a stack of Cleansing Fire prayer cards to . . . “distrubute” . . . to various people and parishes. Profits will be given to local parishes. Yes, you know the ones I mean.



12 Responses to “Oh Dear God – They’ve Got Prayer Cards Now”

  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    I am in no way going to pray for a successful CMA so that they can use our money on pet projects and paying off the wrecking crews for destroying our Cathedral.

    The prayer is just the crappy song all over again. It doesn't even end with an Amen.

  2. avatar Kelly says:

    I never really thought of it until now – but which spirit is it, exactly, that they are 'keeping alive'? Honest question. 1 John 4:1-6 came immediately to mind.

  3. avatar Dr. K says:

    Check this post. In the Spanish subtitle version of the video, the word "espiritu", or "spirit" in English, is capitalized.

    So to answer your question, it sounds like the Holy Spirit. As Gen put it, "I didn't know that the Holy Spirit was on life support."

    ~Dr. K

  4. I thought it was the "spirit" of Vatican II they were keeping alive. That seems to be the major thrust of the DoR.

  5. avatar RochChaCha says:

    Doubt, Hairspray, and Mango Soup

    Maybe the diocese can even start distributing recipe cards. I attended Sunday Mass (5pm) at St. Louis in Pittsford and the pastor ended the Mass with three key acknowledgements 1) a reminder to not forget to attend the two sessions regarding sex abuse within the Catholic Church and a discussion about the movie Doubt, 2) the celebration of the cantor who is leaving and going on tour with the broadway show for Hairspray, and 3) the acknowledgement of a parishoner who won a recipe contest for her 'mango soup' entry.

    Prayer cards, recipe cards. Gotta try something to keep pounding the CMA into our heads.

  6. avatar Gen says:

    "Gotta try something to keep pounding the CMA into our heads."

    I think for us they'd use a mace or some-such medieval monstrosity, for that is how they perceive us: medieval monstrosities.

  7. avatar Kelly says:

    Dr. K.,

    That is what I was afraid of. Upon further reflection, the Holy Spirit may have taken leave within some portions of the DOR. When evicted, the Lord forces Himself on no one. I guess a more appropriate campaign title would have been, "Bring the Spirit Back," but that cannot be done with money.

    Our parish has adoration all day every Thursday following Mass and ends with evening prayers and Benediction at 7 pm. I try to make a point to spend some time before the Lord during this time and am now prayerfully discerning how best to make the DOR concerns present before the Lord. As always, the DOR and its people continue to be in my prayers, but I am looking for something more, in addition to prayer.

  8. avatar RochChaCha says:

    Dr. K,

    Yes, that was the same priest. I haven't attended a mass at St. Louis in over 8 years, but I did not want to miss Mass on Sunday and this was the best opportunity I had. I don't know if I was more angry about how excited the priest was to 'review the movie Doubt' or more dumbfounded that we are celebrating a mango soup recipe. Face it, if you live on the east side there is no orthodox church to go to. At some fairport parishes you have lay women acting as priests as well as 18 people on the altar during holy communion, in Mendon you can't kneel because there are no kneelers.

    Time to find a new church…..

  9. avatar Dr. K says:

    The only church on the east side that I really feel comfortable attending is Holy Spirit in northern Penfield. I don't know how far of a drive this is for you but it is worth it if you can get there. The priests there are traditional. The Pastor in particular has an appreciation for the Eastern Rites (he has often visited St. Nicholas in Gates). They also offer a TLM every so often on Saturday mornings. Plus, statues, statues galore. It's definitely not a Spirit of VII parish. I can feel comfortable in saying that you won't hear a lay homily there.

    The lack of kneelers in some parishes causes a great discomfort to my knees. Transfiguration in Pittsford also lacks kneelers.

    ~Dr. K

  10. avatar Rob says:

    Only in the DOR do people think that they have the power to keep God "alive" by donating money.

  11. avatar Gen says:

    Well said, Rob. In my opinion, it's all traceable to poor catechesis and general lack of faith.

    If anyone wants just one or two prayer cards without the pricetag seen on zazzle, just email me and I'll send some your way.

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