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Of Timidity

September 21st, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

Seeing as how well-received the previous reflection was, I thought it apt to compose another, what with this spirit of pious preparation for the upcoming Missa Cantata at St. Stanislaus.

One might very well consider timidity, in its purest and most childlike form, to be a kind of evolutionary gift, something which is instilled in us by our Creator in order that we avoid pain, suffering and death unnecessarily. And one would be correct. Children hide beneath the sheltering arms of their mothers for a reason, after all. But when this childlike timidity is used as an excuse for permitting attacks and slanders against the Church, this is most decidedly not innocent. It is soul-destroying and cowardly, not deserving of one ounce of praise or even sympathy. It is a sin to permit evil to occur to Our Lord’s Church, with which He entrusted us, mere mortals, two thousand years ago. Why do some continue to sit idly in silence while others are consumed by the wrath of the Progressive Church and its most decidedly not divine conjurers?

It is cowardice, and not permissible. When we are silent, we give consent as evidenced by the previous video here released. Just as silenced condemned the saints of old, it condemns us today when we do nothing to rectify error. Indeed, the spiritual works of mercy lay forth rules for living, among which are included the following words: “Instruct the ignorant.” Ignorance is not a negative thing at all unless willingly accepted and vehemently defended. A child is not at fault for not knowing every aspect of the Faith flawlessly. Bishops, however, would be at fault, and most egregiously so. Every passing moment of silence earns an eternity of suffering, for out of our silence comes a willingness to overlook the abuses of the Blessed Sacrament, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the great and numerous devotions of the Church and the nobility of Christ’s vicar on Earth, the pope.

To be silent is not only to consent, but to be complicit with and agreeable to every instant of sacrilegious practice, known and unknown. Look at the price of the Apostles silence, made manifest in the Crucifixion of Our Lord on Calvary. Of course, this silence was part of the Divine Plan of things, Christ’s death was wholly necessary, and, indeed, the silence of the first Christians fulfilled many a prophecy. However, we are not among those gathered in fear at the foot of the cross and in the upper room. No, we are those who pompously parade about in supposed “enlightenment,” declaring that we humans have more reason to glorify ourselves than God, who is above all and in all. What unrivaled arrogance is this, when the created forsake the Creator, in favor of something manufactured by those who seek to replace Divinity with banality.

Naturally, not all human beings fall into this category of willful disobedience. Many, however, fall into the sins of silence. Silence is more deadly to men’s souls and bodies than any other idea, weapon or ideology. Silence permitted Adolf Hitler to rise to power. Silence permitted countless assassinations and murders in our history. Silence perpetrated crimes against humanity which are still being uncovered in remote places. Silence is the instrument of Satan, and he plays it masterfully. This maestro of mortality convinces us that it is a noble thing not to protest in the face of adveristy. He contrives lies to keep us placated and pacified. Never permit Him t wield power against us, for He is in all truth powerless. The only power which He has is that which we, in greed and pride and lust, so readily give Him. The Prince of Darkness is an impoverished sovereign, indeed, but our silence makes Him richer by the moment.

“One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision: Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent.” (Acts 18:9) Need we any further urging to speak against tyranny and sacrilege? I should think not.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    A beautiful reflection that would make Fr. Antinarelli proud.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    What I wouldn't give to hear Sr. Joan give this homily one Sunday.

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