Cleansing Fire

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Final Call for Cleansing Fire Choir Volunteers

September 13th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

If you have not yet sent an email to me regarding volunteering for the choral festivities, and you have a reasonable amount of skill and/or experience, and you have a sense of humor, then this is your last chance to join up. Right now, we have about 6-10 people, and our songs are almost 100% finished.

My brother has graciously volunteered to assist us, and he is very experienced in recording/singing etc . . . So it won’t take much work or time on your part. All that’s involved is a few rehearsals and the final recording. I hope to have this done by Christmas, so please, if you’ve been debating this internally and still haven’t reached a conclusion, send me an email. We want your vocal chords! We also won’t say no to instrumental accompaniment.

For those of you who have volunteered, I will be sending out a final revised copy of what is to be sung. Once we get together for the first rehearsal, we’ll hammer out the details.


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  1. C'mon if you have musical ability, join the choir. It's habit-forming as the nuns in the picture can attest to. 🙂

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