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A Tridentine Mass in the early 80s

September 4th, 2009, Promulgated by Choir

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10 Responses to “A Tridentine Mass in the early 80s”

  1. Dr. K says:

    Is this in somebody's dining room? 🙂

    ~Dr. K

  2. Rob says:

    This dinning room looks more like a more suitable worship space than many Diocese of Rochester churches. I kid not. At least there is a statue and altar crucifix.

  3. Rob says:

    Choir, do you have any more pictures of these pre-indult DoR Latin Masses?

  4. Sadly I don't, Rob. I wish I did. We never thought about it then. Today it would be easy with digital cameras.

  5. Congratulations, Choir! Perhaps I'll bump into you in a DOR church or dining room one of these days. 😉

  6. Rich, as the traddies say, "see you at the communion rail" 😉

  7. Jonathan says:

    I guess I need a crash-course in something to know what this means.

    I'm a very recent (this past Easter) convert to the Church. I understand the creeping liberalism, and the threat it poses. But I don't know what "Tridentine" means.

    Any suggestion on where I can get a useful crash-course on DoR, beyond what I get in the courier?

  8. Jonathan,

    Welcome into the Church. It's good to have you and I hope God showers many blessings upon you.

    Basically, Tridentine means from the Council of Trent. The council was held in Trent, Italy from 1545 to 1563. One of the major accompolishments of the Council was to codify the existing forms of Mass at that time into the Mass of Pius the V, commonly called the Tridentine Mass, or now, referrd to as the Extraordinary Form.

    I would be glad to answer further questions about the DoR, if I can. If I don't have the answer, I pretty much know where to find it.

    Oremus pro invicem (Latin for "let us pray for one another". Again, welcome home to the Catholic Church.

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