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A Dose of Merriment From the NY State Conservative Party

September 24th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

Yes, I am a member.

I was perusing the annals of YouTube and happened upon this little gem. I have always been a devoted admirer of William Buckley, and thought that this might serve as a “shot-in-the-arm” for us. It has long been said that the Conservative Party is the “Catholic Party,” as evidenced by the great piety of its key founder, Mr. Buckley. If you’re sick of partisan politics and seek to vote how the pope would, join the NYS Conservative Party today. (I am not getting paid for this promotion. I only do that which God and St. Bill direct me to do.)




2 Responses to “A Dose of Merriment From the NY State Conservative Party”

  1. Jonathan says:

    I'll consider joining the conservative party. Only because NYS does not recognize the libertarian party.

    Face it, Ron Paul served as the conservative-conscience during 08's debates. He was up there reminding all those RINOs what real conservatism is …

  2. I joined the Conservative party many years ago and left because they went soft on abortion (that may have changed since). I should check on the party platform on that issue. I still agree with a large amount of what the Conservative party stands for. I'm looking into the Constitution Party and I do like Ron Paul. Tom Tancredo is great too.

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