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Veni Creator Spiritus

August 7th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

As more and more adverse events come to pass in the Diocese of Rochester, one has to wonder, “is the Holy Spirit at work here or is He not?” I should like to say that, yes, He is most definitely at work. Each time that a school is closed, more children find their way to traditional Catholic schools such as John Bosco and Archangel. Each time a parish is closed or “clustered,” more people make their way to Our Lady of Victory and St. Stanislaus. Each time a “progresive lay reformer” becomes an administrator in a parish, more people dedicate themselves to fighting against this infection which has so weakened the local Church.

The Church’s history is filled with destructions and desecrations which are then promptly met with graceful renaissance. The Romans persecuted the Church. Then the Church toppled the Roman Empire. The barbarians launched Europe and the Church into the Dark Ages. Then the Church flourished as a refuge of Faith and learning. The Church became corrupted by power and greed, then weakened by the Protestant Reformation. Then the Church refocused and saved Europe from becoming completely over-run by heresy. The Church was weakened by misinterpretations of Vatican II.

Then what?

Then we have a core of true believers, strengthened by adversity.

Then we have dedicated young men answering calls to the priesthood.

Then we have religious orders being founded with the sole purpose of restroing the Liturgy.

Then we have faithful who, though less in numbers, are even more zealous in defending the Faith.

Look around you. Amid the ruins of failed experimentation are the beautiful remnants of what “Church” was. Indeed, the remnants of what “Church” is. The Church is timeless, “ever ancient, ever new.” If it weren’t, it would have died with so many martyrs in Ancient Rome. The Church is resilient in the face of tribulation. If it weren’t, it would have yielded to the Protestants rather than fought back with dedication for the ultimate Truth of the Eucharist. Indeed, when one considers what has besieged our Holy Mother Church, our current woes seem almost inconsequential.

However, every time that the Blessed Sacrament is desecrated, every time the Liturgy is de-sanctified, every time our priests are vilified, every time our parishes give way to passing fads of liberalism, a travesty is committed against the dignity of the Church and Her Divine Founder, Jesus Christ.

Will we continue to permit his perpetual crucifixion at the hands of contemprary centurions in almost every sanctuary in Rochester? I should think not.



13 Responses to “Veni Creator Spiritus”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I appreciate the reflection on our history as church and the ways God keeps turning us around to renewed fidelity.
    I agree that vilification of our priests has been unfortunate. I am troubled as well about the tone of some of the postings on this blog about others in our church community. Is making fun of people I disagree with a simple relaese of frustration? Some of the comments about Sister John and Ms. DeRycke have been cruel. Some of the comments and posts about Bishop Clark and Ray Grosswirth have also been cruel. What do others think?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I haven't seen any cruel comments about Nancy DeRycke…?

    As for the others, I haven't seen a heck of a lot I would classify as "cruel" anyways. A comment or two is made sometimes that isn't tasteful, but not to the extent you're describing.

  3. Gen says:

    Any distasteful comments or perceived "cruelties" have been deleted.

    By the way, cruelty is something which is never shown on this site. We expose scandals, poke fun at indecency and attempt to approach this whole thing with a sense of humor. Some people lack this. For them I pray most deeply.

    Cruelty is also something which can be seen through any number of incidents, highlighted by the antics of those whom some would have me not name. Well, "someone" told a male parishioner that it was "her church, not his." Another someone kicked an altar boy out from his church because he wore a cassock and stood up for Tradition. yet another person, this one an elderly woman, was told, "You're not needed any more." A sacristan of 30+ years of service at one church was told by the new administrator, "this is my sacristy, not yours." One administrator said that the people leaving the parish would "not be welcomed anywhere else." Are we forgetting other pastoral phrases such as "fertilize other parishes," "priests dance to my tune," "Benedict is your pope, not mine," and "your orthodoxy is subversive?"

    The only cruelty exists, Susan, when these administrators rip the faithful from their spiritual homes and then trash talk them. Everything written on this blog has been confirmed as true and reported factually. The videos put a smile on peoples' faces because if they weren't smiling at the joke, they would be crying at the reality.

    And, for the record, we ourselves here at Cleansing Fire would laugh if someone like Ray Grosswirth were to make witty limericks, or if Bishop Clark would stick my head into a video from Jib Jab. There is nothing malicious or "evil" (as one anonymous comment said) about this blog. Anyone who suggests such a thing has spent too much time under the influence of these "lay reformers."

  4. Dr. K says:

    The childish remarks some make on a blog comment form pale in comparison to the incredibly hurtful comments made by certain DoR P.A's to their parishioners and priests.

    Some of the comments have actually been pretty clever, i.e- Anon 10:37's "Ray's pants are as loose as his respect for and adherence to Catholic doctrine."

    ~Dr. K

  5. Anonymous says:

    Please, let's not play charity police, Susan. Instead of criticizing others, it would be better if you provided some actual contributions.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You know, it is possible that Susan (or Grosswirth) posted these allegedly cruel comments him/herself just so that he/she could throw the charity comment out there. In other words, the comments are a ploy to bring out the criticisms.

  7. Sister Emily says:

    SUSAN, When someone posts videos of himself dancing with a broom,excersing while doing dishes to music, makes- make believe prank phone calls to the Pope, wants us to laugh at him. They expect us to poke fun of him. Groswirth probably has more fun laughing at the attention he gets from us then we get pokeing fun of him. I found my faith at St Annes & was a convert for one year when St Annes began falling apart. I was and still am mad as hell.It left a hole in my life for a short while.. A wonderful Priest was snatched away from us. Then, the dedicated cantor,then the chant, Saturday am mass,then a very reverend altar server determined to be a Priest and alot more.. I thank God every day someone grabed a hold of me and led me to the Latin Mass other wise maybe when I left I would have gone down the wrong path. Some of our remarks may appear to be cruel to you, but I think this is away for us to defend our Lord. The shame, humilation, hurt embarassement , intimadation rochester folks have been exposed to has been a lot to handel.

  8. Rob says:

    God bless you Sr. Emily, I admire your passion for the Catholic faith! Sometimes the best Catholics are the ones who discover it later in life and convert from another denomination.

    A number who grew up in the faith keep trying to change the faith into Protestantism or worse. Progressives, listen, there's a reason that people abandon Protestantism for the Catholic faith. Let's not try and turn the Church into what these people have left behind. We are Catholic and we are proud.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well said Sister Emily.

    Unless you have been hurt by Bishop Clark or a staff member of the Diocese of Rochester, you have no idea how much the pain a person can suffer. It feels like my heart was ripped out of my chest.

    I refuse to show charity when I am trying to protect our Lord's Church.

    Bishop Clark did not show any charity when he closed 50 schools and now over 30 parishes.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the comments on my comment. I am learning to listen.

  11. Susan,

    Join in as well as listen. All comments appreciated.

  12. Anonymous says:

    CHOIR..Go back and read .

  13. Anon 8:17…go back and read what exactly? Did I mess up?

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