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The Disturbing Diocese of Rochester CMA Video

August 27th, 2009, Promulgated by Dr. K

Here are several stills from the Diocese of Rochester’s newest CMA video put online a couple days ago. Such disrespect for St. Stanislaus Church, a House of God.

Singing guitarist on the front steps of St. Stanislaus

Choir stationed inside St. Stanislaus altar rail in front of side altar,
another choir stationed in front of the other side altar

Our guitarist friend parades inside and outside of St. Stanislaus Church

This is a house of God, not a site for promo videos and hand-clapping! All of this going on within the altar rail in front of the tabernacle.

The video also promotes a rather bizarre version of Roman Catholicism that progressives hold dear. Here are some images for your “inspiration”:

“Charismatic” Catholicism

The Nazi salute.
Lay people, within the context of Holy Mass, are unable to confer blessings. These blessings, rather, are the competence of the priest” (CDWDS Prot.No. 930/08/L)

Waving around banners in the opening procession.

And of course countless images of people holding hands during the Lord’s Prayer, something that is not found within the rubrics:

July 15th, 2012 can not come soon enough.

Update 8.28.09Fallacies and Fashions has posted a transcript of the entire video with commentary. Do read it. Also check out Ten Reasons’ take.

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35 Responses to “The Disturbing Diocese of Rochester CMA Video”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bishop Clark won't be getting one dollar of my money for the Catholic Ministries Appeal – Thanks Giving Appeal. He can start cutting back the personal and big salaries down at Buffalo Road.

    Bishop Clark doesn't like the name "Thanks Giving Appeal" because he wore it out, fleecing parishioners for money. Parishioners started to despise the name.

    The Bishop's Mansion on Flower City Park was recently renovated for a million dollars. Must be nice to live like a king.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The question to ask is why St. Stans?
    with all the wrectovated churches (sterile just like progressivism) they could have used.

  3. Gen says:

    To show that they can still do anything they want. It's a massive mind game.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Non-profit salaries are not large, private sector jobs pay considerably more for the same job

  5. Nerina says:

    Yeah, I found the choice of St. Stan's interesting, too. I wonder if they are actually trying to appeal (somewhat) to more traditionally minded Catholics by using a very traditionally styled church. Of course, it is complete hypocrisy given the other images.

    I don't give to the CMA/BA/TGA. Not one stinking penny. And yes, I know my church has to make up any shortfall and I usually give extra there, but I will not give to the Bishop. He will get my annual letter detailing my exact reasons for withholding donations.

  6. Nerina says:


    When does the high Mass begin again at St. Stan's?


  7. Sister Emily says:

    NERIMA, Ya know I never thought to write Bishop and tell him why I don't contribute to CMA. I think I will do that too. I am told he often answers letters. Has he ever answerd yours . I bet not.

  8. CPT Tom says:


    If they were trying to appeal to traditionalist, which would make sense because we usually give more money, then they missed the mark by a mile. They managed to stick all the schlock that makes me ballistic in one video. The choice of St Stan's was just icing on the cake…what disrespect for tradition, our Lord and God, and what bad taste!

    BTW…did you catch the stealth priestesses (or whatever they are supposed to be) at 1:55? They seem to be wearing something that looks like a half stole. Like I said, everything that makes me crazy in one video. I need a shower now.

  9. Dr. K says:

    Cpt. Tom,

    I have been told that this strange half-stole is worn by DoR Catholics for their Confirmation. Why they do this, I do not know nor understand. Having never attended a Latin rite Confirmation, I can't say if this is a normal ritual or not. Given that this is the DoR, it's probably just an innovation.

    ~Dr. K

  10. CPT Tom says:

    Yowser…I didn't even think Confirmation…wearing white gowns by the girls and red (if I recall right from my own confirmation) is something that is done at many parishes around the country. I've been told it is something that started in the '50s, but again, I can't be sure. The funny half stole think however, I can help but think is some new-age thingie they cooked up.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Whatever it is, it's grossly inappropriate. The stole is the vestment of an ordained minister alone.

  12. Fr. Joan Shmoebala says:

    If Father Bonsignore or Father Antinarelli knew that this was about to transpire in our home for the Latin Mass, they would have locked the doors and flushed the key down the toilet to protect the sanctuary and the Real Presence from witnessing this most shameless display of disrespectful progressive Catholicism.

  13. Dear All — The first High Mass will be September 27 at 1:30. It will be a Mass in honor of the 50th anniversary of ordination to the Holy Priesthood of Father Gerard McMahon. The ordinary and propers of the Mass will be Gregorian chant and the motets will be polyphonic.

    Please plan to attend. There is ample parking behind the Church on St. Stanislaus street and across the street in the parking lot. We have fulltime security. There is a handicapped elevator and restroom facilities off the side of the narthex. Remember, Communion is received kneeling and on the tongue only, not need to say "amen".

  14. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what Fr. McMahon would think of this video. "Outrage!" comes to mind.

  15. Rob says:

    Wow… I just watched the video and… wow… This is atrocious. Where is the respect for God? What exactly is the Diocese of Rochester marketing? What I see in the video is not the Roman Catholicism I know an love. Sure, it's one of my favorite DoR churches, but what's going on in there is wholly unCatholic and exceedingly inappropriate. If they want to bastardize a Vatican II house of God that's one thing, but our sacred St. Stanislaus Church? I don't think so.

    Shame on all involved with this, especially Bishop Clark for creating turning this diocese into a cesspool of corruption.

  16. Ben Anderson says:

    does anyone have the transcript (lyrics) for this?

  17. Sister Emily – when you write to the bishop make sure you include the picture of your avatar with your letter.

  18. Nerina says:

    Hi Sister,

    The only time I've gotten a form-letter response from the Bishop was when I wrote a lengthy letter (on behalf of about 30 people from my parish) about the abuse of lay preaching. I have yet to get a response about my refusal to support his annual appeal.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Jesus died on the cross for THIS?

    We need to treat our Lord and savior with respect, not turn his sanctuary into a den of deception and begging for money! The Lord, if he were to return to earth today, would have thrown those losers out of St. Stanislaus, and fed the children being abused in the making of this film. The children are innocent, but the people putting them up to this are not, and the Lord will make them pay big time on the day of judgment.

  20. Sister Emily says:

    CHOIR- HA HA HA HA Don't tempt me. There is good reason that was chosen for me and good reason why i accepted it.

  21. Nerina says:

    Oh, and in this year's letter I'll make specific mention of this video. UGH.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Bishop Clark should apologize for this shameful video.

    Retirement party at my house in 2012?

  23. Sister Emily …just curious as to why it was picked for you and your acceptance of it.

  24. Sister Emily says:

    CHOIR. It is the best kept secrete in town. Only the most reverend Priests know why. I accepted it as it could have been a whole lot worse.

  25. Anonymous says:

    What's wrong, was the Cathedral unavailable for the video because of an interfaith service?

  26. Anonymous says:

    or liturgical dance rehearsal…

  27. Anonymous says:

    Or maybe the door was locked.

  28. gretchen says:

    or interfaith organ concert…

  29. Anonymous says:

    The Cathedral and the money poured into it is still a hot button issue. Pictures of the Cathedral would remind the people of how the diocese wasted their money.

    I'm still waiting to see somebody from the Flower City Park neighborhood actually walk into the Cathedral.

  30. Anonymous says:

    The renovation of Sacred Heart Cathedral was Bishop Clark's largest, personal mistake that directly affected him.

    He would never tell you the truth, but he will regret that renovation until the day he dies.

    Sacred Heart Cathedral will never be the same "vibrant" parish of years ago. The majority of the residents in the neighborhood are no longer Catholic and it is becoming an inner city neighborhood.

    If there is one parish in the Diocese of Rochester that should close, it is Sacred Heart. It is draining the finances of every parish in the diocese, just to keep it heated, air conditioned and maintained.

  31. Jesse says:

    The liberal Catholics out there love this video. I wonder if the do because of its content, or just because we don't care for it. Hmmm….

  32. Anonymous says:

    "Bishop Clark doesn't like the name "Thanks Giving Appeal" because he wore it out, fleecing parishioners for money." – Anon 7:51

    More like "No Thanks Stealing Coercion"

  33. Anonymous says:

    Isn't it interesting how most of the shots of "ordinary parishioners" are either of school-age children or of women of a certain age and weight? Very few shots of people in the active parenting age group, no large families at all, very few seniors, very few priests. It tells ya something, I think.

  34. Anonymous says:

    The video was crafted by the DoR progressive feminists. This is what they want the Catholic Church to become. They only used st. Stanislaus so they could profane a beautiful house of God that does not meet their vision of plainness and interfaith-friendliness.

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