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Poll #7 – Evaluating Your Use of the Bible

August 16th, 2009, Promulgated by Dr. K

Every time we assist at Mass, we listen attentively while the priest or deacon reads from the Sacred Scriptures. While we hear much of the Word of God in church, especially if we attend Mass frequently, we do not get the entire Bible experience through our Mass attendance. It is very important that Catholics take the time for personal study and reflection of the Bible outside of Holy Mass. This poll will help you evaluate how well you’re doing with this. The question is: How much reading have you done of the Good Book? Be honest! Nobody will know how you voted (unless you volunteer this information in a comment). When you finish voting, open up your Bible and spend some time reading.

How much reading have you done of the Good Book?

Poll #6 recap: 50 votes were cast in the poll about the most annoying hymn. The winner was “Alle Alle Alle” with 38% of the vote. Not much of a surprise there. Thank you to all who participated.



2 Responses to “Poll #7 – Evaluating Your Use of the Bible”

  1. Gail says:

    There's dust on my Bible, I admit it. But, I am going to brush off that dust, and oil up the pages today!

  2. Way to go Gail! You'll never regret reading Dei Verbum.

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