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New YouTube Video

August 31st, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

Here is the new video for Cleansing Fire’s YouTube channel. However, I’d also like to announce that a previous video, “Closed Parishes of the Diocese of Rochester,” has had its original audio returned! You can now hear it as it was intended to be heard.

Anyways, enjoy.

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7 Responses to “New YouTube Video”

  1. Mr. B says:


  2. Tony says:

    And how true it is. Bishop Clark stands idly by while lay preachers give the homily and nuns run parishes and dancers twirls in our churches. His silence demonstrates his support of these abuses.

  3. Ben Anderson says:

    so much to be learned from that movie. it is truly a gem.

    when I first became aware of the corruptness of our diocese, I wondered what could be done. I think we need to get more organized in our actions. I think a lot of people don't know what they can do. I'm one of those people. Ok – I know I can go to my local leaders and challenge them, but that does't seem to lead anywhere.

    Obviously there is a lot of effort going into the blogs by both authors, commenters, and just plain readers. I say let's focus the energy in a positive direction and take serious action. Again, I don't know what that is – any suggestions? The only suggestion I have is getting St. Joseph Foundation involved and maybe that's a good one. But they need well documented reports – so maybe that's where we start. That's what I was thinking when I started this group:

    we could start organizing all the atrocities in our dioces. maybe one thread could be a list of all the lay pastoral administrators. One could be a list of liturgical abuses, one could be a list of renegade organizations that our diocese sponsors, etc. Just some thoughts.

  4. Dave says:

    That explains the answer I received from St. Anne parish council prior to my fleeing to OLV.

  5. Dave,
    Welcome to OLV, a true oasis of Catholic orthodoxy, along with the Latin Mass at St. Stanislaus.

  6. SALLYANNE says:

    A wolf in sheep’s clothing will always be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The non-judging love of Jesus just goes out the window as the devil takes over. To actually post such a video in the name of God in order to expose another human being … I can’t fathom it…so you go, Gen…I’m sure God Almighty favors you for your Catholic orthodoxy…He’s sitting proud right now, shining his “rainbow” of colors upon you…He’s gone now, so tell me, who is your next victim?

  7. SALLYANNE says:

    I forgot to include “anyways”

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