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“Struck a Spiritual Tone”

July 7th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

Such was the description of the Michael Jackson memorial service. I watched it, myself, being off today, and I must agree wholly. Various ministers were present, each advocating for life, the value of purity and the unborn. Yes, one man mentioned the unborn specifically. And the best part: there was rapturous applause. No matter what Michael Jackson may or may not have done, good or bad, his memorial service was a truly amazing display of the general Christian faith, holding aloft the values of life and the family. I think that, whatever we think of this man and his life, we should pray for him and his family, in particular his three children who now have no true father figure to whom they may look for reliable guidance.

I don’t care what you think this man did, what he may have done. Pray for him and pray for his family. For any who may not have seen the final moments of the memorial service, here is a video clip from CNN showing Jackson’s daughter, Paris, talking about her father. If your heart is stone in this matter, perhaps this will turn it more closely to the realm of Christian charity.

“Requiem aeternam dona eis, domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis.”


4 Responses to ““Struck a Spiritual Tone””

  1. Anonymous says:

    May his children not be harmed by any legal battles for their custody. I pray that they will have a happy and steady home life, away from prying eyes and reporters. I pray that they do not have to endure the childhood that Michael had to endure. They have been left plenty in terms of money, there is no excuse at all for them to be exploited for financial gain.

    To pray for Michael Jackson would be a true test of Christian charity, but we can't pass the test if we don't at least try. After all, Jackson is a child of God just like any one of us are, even if he did do things in his life that are sinful (which of us has not?).

  2. Gen says:

    Well put. I thank you very much for your tact and hope that future comment-ers will use the same amount.

  3. Nerina says:

    Actually, I find praying for Michael Jackson quite easy. I think he must have been a very, very sad and lost man and I only wish that he had found the happiness and peace found only in Christ before he died. If he had, I believe he would still be with us.

    Paris' words are heartbreaking. She knew him as her "daddy." And she has lost her "daddy." Praying for her and the other children is also easy.

  4. Dr. K says:

    I just re-watched a Michael Jackson special that was on CBS around 5 or so years ago that I happen to have on tape for some reason. The guy was a true showman. A number of Jackson albums are currently residing on a shelf in my closet.

    Despite all his shenanigans and troubles, and there were many, I pray for his eternal soul, and for the proper care of his children.

    ~Dr. K

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