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Novena of Fortitude – Day 3

July 24th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

Today’s theme is betrayal. This can apply to anything from infidelity to one’s spouse to infidelity to the Church. I wonder what vein we mean here at CF?

Anyways, both deserve a great deal of prayers, for both destroy the Church from within. Let’s pray that good marriages and good priests begin to, once again, spring forth from God’s creation.

Below are the lyrics to the final hymn, for those who care to sing along with their PC. I would have put them into the video, but it was a bit too involved.

We stand for God and for His glory
The Lord Supreme and God of all.
Against his foes, we raise His standard,
Around His cross, we hear His call.
Strengthen our faith, Redeemer,
Guard us when danger is neigh
To Thee we pledge our lives and service,
Strong in a trust that ne’er shall die.
To Thee we pledge our lives and service
Strong in a trust that ne’er shall die.`[youtube=]



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  1. Gen says:

    My video-editing program was having some glitches tonight. I apologize for the odd jumpy image and the "Day 1" at the beginning. Sometimes I really loathe Windows.

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