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The Infinite Blessings of eBay

June 27th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

I’ve been trying, desperately, to find an affordable copy of the Liber Usualis, which contains almost all the Gregorian chants of the Church. Upon finding one on eBay, I sent a message to the seller, asking if, with his “fiat,” I might buy the book outright rather than wait the 9 days until the end of the auction (which is starting at $0.99). His response:

“The book cost me over $100! All I can suggest is that you bid whatever amount you feel it is worth. I might also suggest you spend a little less time online, and, while we’re at it, lay off the begging!”

I hardly think that offering to buy something is begging. If so, it looks like to need to rewrite the history of the mendicant (begging) orders.

Anyways, after I received that in my inbox, I sent back a very short message which said, “A simple ‘sorry, no’ would have sufficed. Best of luck with the auction.”

His response:

if you want your questions answered in a particular way, please let me know beforehand in future. What a lovely ‘shepherd’ you’ll make to the people of God. Have a nice career, Father.

I guess anyone who is an enthusiast of Latin chant and sacred polyphony has to be a priest. I guess then, in turn, that we have to quit calling Sr. Joan “Fr. Joan.” After all, it’s rather obvious that she doesn’t like Latin chant.


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  1. avatar Dr. K says:

    Does this person want to make a sale or not?

    ~Dr. K

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