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Six Jerks in a Jeep

June 13th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

My latest YouTube video. Enjoy:



38 Responses to “Six Jerks in a Jeep”

  1. avatar Rob says:

    I can't stop laughing!

  2. avatar Ellen says:

    Great music, great content, an enjoyable experience. Thank you for all the videos.

  3. avatar Dr. K says:

    Clearly the music is the clincher. Excellent video.

    Did Sr. Joan drive the jeep? I can't imagine her allowing a man to take the wheel.

    ~Dr. K

  4. avatar Anonymous says:

    It is when Bishop Clark is trying to have every parish in the DoR run by a laywoman. Clark is even more liberal/progressive than the schismatics, so he fits right in with them. Sr. Joan is one step (or one misstatement) away from being with them as well.

  5. avatar Anonymous says:

    Nancy DeRycke quoted Joan Sobala in her latest bulletin:

  6. avatar Gen says:

    Oops. Didn't mean to delete the post, Lee. It's a bona fide "my bad."

    I think that anyone who openly expresses a need for women priest sis a schismatic. Anyone who says that the vocations surge in the 50's and 60's was a fluke is most decidedly not a loyal foot soldier of Rome. Bishop Clark is a great and noble man. However, his theology and politics are deeply and profoundly warped. No, he may not be in an open schism with Rome, but he is pretty darn close.

    Sr. Sobala called Fr. Leone a "flunky seminarian." She and her friends can stomach being called "jerks." They have been called much, much worse.

  7. avatar Anonymous says:

    I have to disagree with the gentleman who considers Bishop Clark a great and noble man.

    Bishop Clark has done so much damage to the Diocese of Rochester and his own Priests and parishioners during the past 30 years. Two hundred and seventy thousand (270,000) parishioners no longer come to Mass. As the current parish closings begin, we are going to see the number of fallen away parishioners in our diocese approach three hundred thousand (300,000), in the next 3 years.

    Senior citizens at a parish that will be closed, are talking about staying home on Sunday and watching the EWTN Mass on the TV,

    Any man that can do this much damage to so many poor souls, and I don't care if the man is a migrant farm worker. a bishop or Jesus Christ himself, this man is the closest thing to the devil that you will ever see on earth.

  8. avatar Tony says:

    Bishop Clark is concerned more about his agenda, which is pushing for an "all inclusive" priesthood, than he is about saving souls. Meanwhile, people are no longer going to Mass, those who comes to Mass end up leaving angry because of his changes, some folks leave the Church for the local Protestant party place or become atheist, priests are leaving because they are fed up with this messed up bishop who cares more about his lay pastoral administrators than his brothers in Christ, young men are deterred from the priesthood because they want to serve as priests not sacramental ministers, and the list goes on.

    I have no sympathy for Bishop Clark, and anyone who comes to his defense. His record is clear. Any other job with this type of performance and he would have been gone years ago. Imagine if he were a chief surgeon in a hospital and had these results. Imagine if he felt that he had this "new idea" of a better way to perform surgery by letting a women with no background in medical science perform surgeries because he feels everybody is worthy to perform a surgery, and operations should be "inclusive". Then the patients end up suffering as a result.

    Such performance from Bishop Clark is certainly not acceptable when souls are on the line.

  9. avatar Anonymous says:

    You cannot expect any graces when you call a priest a jerk!!!! Speak of their abuse is one thing but name calling — I think you are in big trouble.

  10. avatar Gen says:

    My sins are between me and Our Lord. Unless you are my confessor, you have no place to say such a thing.

    And I didn't call anyone a jerk. The Andrews Sisters did. Take it up with them. 😉

  11. avatar Matt says:

    ummm . . . yeah.

    Anon 12:57 – Might I quote the venerable Ferris Bueller?

    "Pardon my French, but [you're] so tight that if you stuck a lump of coal [somewhere (hehe)], in two weeks you'd have a diamond."

  12. avatar Anonymous says:

    I bet Sr. Sobala calls people jerks.

  13. avatar Gen says:

    I would bet on it.

  14. avatar Anonymous says:

    What about using that series called "Catholics Come Home". I've seen it on EWTN and heard the interviews where it was used and apparently thousands have come back to the Catholic faith. I believe it was used in Phoenix or Tucson with absolutely terrific results. Also in Corpus Christi, Texas too had good results.

    What do y'all think about this idea?


  15. avatar Anonymous says:

    I was enjoying this site up to now. It came reccommended from a gentleman that hosts another site. He keeps it clean and monitors the content so it doesn't turn in to what just happened here.I do agree with the abuse that you have pointed out but name calling is is disgraceful for a Catholic site. Good bye.

  16. avatar Gen says:

    I would bet on it, Jim. I've heard rumors here in Albany of Bishop Hubbard bringing something like it to upstate NY. However, it's just a rumor. Would be great for here, though. All we have to do is get priests in charge again.

  17. avatar Anonymous says:

    I would like to drop my pants and take a big dump on anon 11:12.

    There, you happy anon? Now what you said is actually true instead of an upset progressive rant.

  18. avatar Gen says:

    Actually laughed out loud at that one. lol

    It was probably Mr. Ray Grosswirth, a welcome guest. 😉

  19. avatar Anonymous says:

    Gen –

    Hubbard and Clark are best of friends. So if birds of a feather flock together, maybe Clark will use "Catholics Come Home". Clark has a satellite of St. Bernard's School of Theology in the Albany diocese.

    An unrelated question, I'm fairly illiterate on computer stuff, but how do I get rid of the "anonymous said…" tag and make it say something cool, or at least what I think is a cool name.


    Jim H

  20. avatar Anonymous says:

    You can either sign up for a blogger account at, or below you can select "Name/URL" and type in a name (a URL is not necessary).

  21. avatar Anonymous says:

    There's also an Open ID option, but I have no idea how that works.

  22. avatar Gen says:

    Yeah – basically, under the orange "Choose an identity," there are the four little dots upon which one may click. You can have a personalized one easiest by just clicking the circle next to "name/url."

  23. avatar In the choir loft says:

    Just testing here 🙂

  24. avatar In the choir loft says:

    I see my experiment worked. Now how do I get my "in the choir loft" to stay put. Thanks for anyone's help.

  25. it's me testing again..sorry for the intrusion. i'm trying to my name in blue.

  26. i messed do i change the J to In the choir loft? GRRR!!

  27. avatar Dr. K says:

    Login to Blogger and click "Edit profile" on the left. Then under "Display name" type in whatever you wish to appear each time you post.

    Hope this helps.

    ~Dr. K

  28. hhmmm…let's see if it works. it should say "In the choir loft" and not "J".

  29. IT WORKED!!! Thanks Dr. K

  30. avatar hemlock68 says:

    ME TOO..I am getting a new identity too. Here I go..

  31. avatar Anonymous says:

    I DID IT!!!!!!! I am no longer anonymous

  32. avatar hemlock68 says:

    Oh my goodness I messed up I am still anonymous

  33. avatar hemlock68 says:

    Got it

  34. avatar Bishop Clark says:

    I did it too!

  35. avatar Anonymous says:

    Nice video.

  36. avatar eulogos says:

    Personally I find this a bit rough. Sometimes there are things which are funny privately between friends but when they go out to a wider audience, well, they just won't do. Things which serve as stress relief but which finally are not right. An example would be nurses and doctors referring to a ward of comatose people as 'the cabbage patch.' They do it even while taking the best care possible of these people, and it is a way of dealing with the discomfort that people are in such a state. But you wouldn't want their relatives to hear it. This is something along those lines.

    Also, I think the black priest in the center of three priests concelebrating is Fr. Simon, from Kenya, who is a good and orthodox priest. I am not really sure what is supposed to be wrong with that picture.
    Susan Peterson

  37. avatar Dr. K says:

    "Also, I think the black priest in the center of three priests concelebrating is Fr. Simon, from Kenya, who is a good and orthodox priest. I am not really sure what is supposed to be wrong with that picture."

    Susan, that picture contains Rochester NY married "priest", Ray Grosswirth on the left. The man in the middle appears to be the excommunicated Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo. He is married as well.

    ~Dr. K

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