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“In Defense of the Clergy”

June 13th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

There is an article/essay making its rounds around this “Orthodox Underground” which I thought I should post here. It is somewhat long, but it goes quickly. Due to its length, I will post it in segments. Here is part one:

Few questions addressed to the Church attract as much debate and division as does this one issue. The people who seek to ?preserve the status quo? are labeled as bigots, targeted by ?reformers? and ?progressives? and find themselves berated by those who say that having a priesthood of unmarried men is neither Traditional nor Scriptural. Primarily, let me say that defending the Church?s teaching does not make one a bigot, nor does it show a narrow-minded approach to Catholicism. On the contrary, it shows that one has found the richness that is the Church of Rome. No other religious institution has such a concrete and absolute foundation as do we. Our pope is a direct and palpable descendant of St. Peter, the first pope of our Church. These people who assist the Church in presenting accurately and precisely Her teachings are worthy of praise, not persecution. As was once said, ?to be truly Catholic is to be counter-cultural.? How much more ?counter-cultural? can one be than to reject gay ?marriage,? married priests, female priests and a ?more inclusive Church?? If public opinion is to be the thing which steers the Church, then what place does the Holy Spirit have in the matter? In deifying ourselves we strangle the Godliness out of the Church. Without God there is no Church. With no Church, there is no longer any hope in the world.
The manner in which our current-day ?reformers? speak and preach is almost apocalyptic. They forecast a complete dearth of vocations if we don?t ordain married men and women to the priesthood. They proclaim that Jesus would want women to be priests. They explain that ?orthodoxy is inappropriate.? If these people had any true sense they would see that the true beauty in the Church is not found in the ornate architecture and sculptures, but rather, in the splendour of Her Sacraments. They were crafted by Our Lord during His short life amongst us. He ordained eleven men to be priests and bishops for His Church. The Last Supper marked this as an absolute truth. No women were present in that Upper Room, not even for a moment. While there were many saintly women who followed Our Lord as disciples, none were invited or called to follow Him in ordained ministry. That is final. Jesus Christ Himself decreed in deed rather than overt word that men were called to ordained ministry, and I believe that we all know that in this age of relativism, deed is vastly more important and binding than word.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    "They forecast a complete dearth of vocations if we don?t ordain married men and women to the priesthood."

    And they may be right if bishops like Bishop Clark weed out all the priests that are "orthodox" leaving us with few if any candidates for the priesthood. It's a self-made problem by bishops in heterodox dioceses. Though the Catholic culture created after VII does play a role as well (a contributor to why we see so few altar boys; just altar girls).

    "Jesus Christ Himself decreed in deed rather than overt word that men were called to ordained ministry"

    These are the same people who wish to modify the word of God so it is more gender neutral, what makes one think they wouldn't want to modify the word of God to turn the Apostle John into the Apostle "Jo-Anne"? What is their evidence? Some painting done many years later by an eccentric artist in a "secret society".

  2. Gen says:

    We are bound by legal and canonical fetters. I think that Dr. K can elaborate if he wishes to do so. I'm all for it, personally, but I can't really be arrested for spray painting "turn from sin and be faithful to the Gospel" on DeRycke's door or Joan's rectory. Although, if I did, I'd thoroughly enjoy it. 😉

  3. Dr. K says:

    What should I be elaborating on?

    ~Dr. K

  4. Gen says:

    The previous comment was supposed to be on the one regarding private life vs public life. For some reason Blogger doesn't realize the difference. Tried to rectify it, and no luck. At any rate, you already dealt an explanation. Thanks.

  5. Dr. K says:


    ~Dr. K

  6. Anonymous says:

    God bless our priests, now and forever.

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