Cleansing Fire

Defending Truth and Tradition in the Roman Catholic Church

Defense of the Clergy Part II

June 14th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

Behold, the second part of the article which I have promised and already started.

However, with Our Lord, His Word can be seen in almost every parable, every lesson and every occurrence in which He spoke. When the woman grabbed hold of His garments, Jesus said that ?I can feel the power flowing from me.? I can only imagine what He feels with women mounting podiums and donning albs, ostracizing orthodox young men and slandering their reputations. If an act of faith could draw out such a rebuke (albeit mild) from Our Lord, then surely, the blasphemies uttered in parishes world-wide cause much more pain for Jesus, present in the Blessed Sacrament. In the Gospels we can see clearly when Our Lord becomes most outraged: the desecration of the temple. At no other point in the Gospels is there such overt hostility on the part of Jesus, the True Son of God. When the temple is profaned with money-changers and politicking, Jesus became outraged, for the temple was no longer the sanctified dwelling-place of God, but rather, the den of human weakness and perversion. For what can be more perverse than trivializing Faith and turning it into more of a corporation than the Divine institution which it truly is? In this world of tribulation and doubt, the money-changers are those who invade our sanctuaries with agendas wholly their own. They rob us of our spiritual calm and wrench from our souls any semblance of purity-of-faith. Indeed, to have a parish destroyed by liberalism and progressivism is to have been spiritually-abused in a way that only they who have had this happen to them can describe. The faithful have an obligation to persevere in the faith, no matter how many ?lady-priests? infiltrate the ranks of tradition. After all, our Church survived for centuries in outright persecution in Rome itself. How can we, who have no penalties inflicted upon us for practicing our Faith, claim to have more problems? We can make this claim in steadfast truth by saying that while once attacked from without, the Church is now being attacked from within.
The pope is a noble and brave figure who, though surrounded by the wolves of seditious change, confronts the horde with resolute courage. He has the Scriptures on the lips and Tradition in his heart and mind. With these two shields of truth, no foe may vanquish the Holy Mother Church. She is indestructible, for it was Our Lord who declared most venerably, ?Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I shall build My Church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.? Dearest people, we are at the gates of Hell right now. Our politicians propose liberal agendas of uncivilized change, and many of our religious leaders say nothing and do even less. What are the faithful to do in the face of such stinging apathy? Barrack Obama was correct in saying that conservatives cling to religion, although he was wrong about why. We are not bitter. We are not practicing subversion. We only have one constant in life, and that is the Church. She does not change without Divine mandate, for while mere men lead Her on Earth, the Holy Spirit holds the celestial reigns and guides the Church with such smoothness and dignity that we on Earth can seldom perceive this to be true.
This is the way of God, this ?smoothness.? In smoothness one can easily discern right from wrong, truth from falsehood. However, while the natural state of God (as He Himself ordained) is ?smooth,? humans are (by this same ordination) naturally unsettled and inconstant. This is not because of any mistake on the part of the Divine, for, after all, He makes not any mistakes. This is as human as is free-will. God makes no mistakes. I trust that all Christians, indeed, all who profess a monotheistic faith, will hold this fact to be true, for, if we don?t we admit that God is imperfect and, thus, not truly ?God.? in holding this to be a truth undeniable by logic or reasoning, we see the Divine plan made manifest (in our humble perception) and enacted upon this plane of our existence. God chose to create us. God chose to lead the Israelites from slavery to liberty. God chose to send us His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ. God chose to take human form and walk amongst us. God chose to die on the cross. God chose to rise on the third day. God chose all. He did not choose female priests. He chose to ask the apostles to leave their spouses and follow Him alone. How much more plainly must God make His statement? No women were ordained by Our Lord and the men whom He chose to ordain left their married lives to live a life of service to the Holy Mother Church. If we pray ?for a more inclusive Church? we pray for something which is contrary to Scripture, contrary to Tradition, contrary to Church teaching and, ultimately, something with is completely antithetical to the will of God Himself, as outlined in His revelations to His created. I do not claim to know the will of God, but I do claim to be a loyal son of the Church and, as such, I follow all which She says. To do anything less would cause a rift to appear in the fabric of Truth, a rift that can be treated by nothing save God Himself.
Why would one deliberately walk out on the Church when She has the sole source of Truth in the world today? These children who wander naively from their Mother?s care do so not fully realizing the penalties affixed to doing so. They lose their spiritual nourishment, they lose their security, they lose any sense of true and God-given purpose and they lose, most obviously, their Mother. Like the poor children who live in a perpetual whirlwind of foster-homes, these runaways develop severe issues with life. They feel betrayed, they feel victimized. What victim would, in his (or, for the sake of inclusivity, her) eyes, return to his (or her) captors or, more drastically, to his (or her) true Mother if he (or she) himself feels slighted? We must reach out to these wandering souls and show them the true splendor of God in His Church and Her Sacraments. To lose just one of these sheep is to lose a member of Christ?s mystical body. However, when they lose themselves in the swirling tides of self-pity and liberalism, there is little that anyone can do.
Our Lord?s Church is an institution more ancient than any surviving monarchy, government or nation. It toppled the most powerful empire in history, and its prayers have reduced the Soviet Union and fascism to naught. While evil still exists, mostly in the poor and indigent countries of the world, the Church exists too, and does so to bring hope and courage to those whose lives are forcibly subjugated to the forces of state. This is the Church?s mission to the impoverished: to bring hope and courage through the Gospel and the Sacraments. This sacred duty, first entrusted to St. Peter and still mandated through two millennia, is an absolute necessity, for without the Church and its hope, there is only discord and strife.


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  1. Dr. K says:

    Very well said.

    ~Dr. K

  2. Anonymous says:

    Perfectly describes a certain Rochester diocese.

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