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Idolatry is sin, in Vatican Gardens AND in local parishes

November 3rd, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

[Retitled 11/6]  Is there, perhaps, another explanation for this picture?










For example, could this possibly be a hatha yoga class stretching their butt muscles? You know, just like the hatha yoga classes that keep showing up in Church bulletins as being conducted on a regular basis in Parish Facilities?

Ummm… no, not likely; we know better. But it still makes the point that hatha yoga and any other forms of yoga rooted in Eastern Religious practice is dangerous to souls. It is bad enough that so many Christians are using yoga and claim it to “only” be an exercise. It is anything butt an exercise! And Catholic parishes have no business exposing their members to this pantheistic practice. Let’s tell our friends who are involved in yogic practice NOW! Tell the pastor NOW! Tell the bishop NOW! Maybe we can’t do anything about the Pope’s idol activities but we can surely give feedback, welcome or not, to those who have some control over the scandal of holding yoga sessions in parish facilities.


Dolan has chosen the wrong side of the coin.

October 31st, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

It is ironic that Cardinal Dolan should have the gall to speak publicly on Church policy related to giving Communion (or not) to public figures who visibly disdain the Body and Blood of Christ. This is even a debate? Yes, unfortunately, and for all the wrong reasons. The South Carolina priest, Fr. Robert Morey, is receiving kudos from various faithful opinion leaders for having refused Communion to the prior VP of the US, Joe Biden, due to his very visible support of abortion. Dolan should have done the same thing himself, a long time ago. How many babies would have survived had he been willing to face up to his responsibility with the Joe Bidens and Andrew Cuomos of the world?

But Cardinal Dolan is more concerned, NOT about supporting a priest who meets his obligations, but about spending Diocesan funds to advertise on the New York Yankees games, to applaud gay activists marching into St. Francis Xavier Church in NYS, and to pave the way for LGBT marchers in the iconic NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade, often posing as a chortling media caricature. And with his loudly expressed judgment against a faithful priest of another diocese, how much encouragement can we expect the priests of the NYC Diocese to receive to ‘do the right thing?’

Matters are well-summarized in a Church Militant Transcript here:

Cardinal Dolan seems incapable of taking the ‘heads up’ position of spiritual responsibility. In the picture we ran several years ago, he even has his back to then-VP Joe Biden, and can claim that he didn’t ‘know’ the controversial politician was present! And in the Transcript he brags that he has never had the need to deny anyone Communion. Yeah, right!  St. Paul could not be clearer about the sacrilege of receiving Communion unworthily. What we have is a failure to teach, through example as well as words, the fullness of Christ’s Church. What we have is not ignorance, but willful disobedience. We have a Prince of the Church witnessing the actual commission of a serious sin and, by ignoring it, he is posing as more merciful or righteous than the Son of God?

Cardinal Dolan has chosen to call ‘tails’ in the coin-flip, as when an animal in the wild turns tail and runs away from danger. Tails is the wrong call. But here is what he might consider doing to protect souls and reflect his duty. His Eminence should consider making a very clear, unwaffled announcement that, to the extent his refusal to stop someone from clearly and unworthily receiving Communion causes a serious sin to be laid upon that person’s soul, the Cardinal beseeches God to hold that sin and ALL such sins of his negligence to his own account. Then I might believe he is acting for the good of souls and not out of his own fear of unpopularity.


pachamama — a desolating sacrilege?

October 30th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Mark 13:14-16

“But when you see the desolating sacrilege set up where it ought not to be (let the reader understand), then let whose who are in Judea flee to the mountains, let him who is on the housetop not go down, nor enter his house, to take anything away; and let him who is in the field not turn back to take his mantle.”

Was the pachamama in the Vatican Gardens, but even more so in the Carmelite Church in front of the Marian altar, a “desolating sacrilege” sign of end times?

Italian bishops composed and released a prayer to pachamama:

BTW, the Titular head of the Church where the pacamamas were displayed is – surprise – Cardinal Marc Ouellet, who had criticized the agenda for the Amazonian Synod.  He is said to be a champion for priestly celibacy.

Note: On Cleansing Fire style policy, we have reversed our own capitalization of pachamama, as being inappropriate for a thing of such disgust, substituted for righteous worship of God.



May God bless Fr. Robert Morey

October 29th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Biden Denied

It’s about time this is a newsworthy warning to all who receive the Holy Eucharist unworthily! And many bishops wonder why the Faithful lack full belief in the Real Presence? Duuh! Maybe it’s because their pastors don’t have the guts to deny Biden and other prominents who make a sham of their ‘faith’? Or maybe it’s because those who do have the courage often incur the publicity wrath of their shepherds? More Morey!



Global Vocations Crisis (ref: Church Militant)

October 26th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

10/26 publication by Christine Niles:


Destroying Idols

October 25th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Personal Reflection:

Early in September, as the plans began to firm up for the Amazonian Synod, several dear friends asked me if I was scared about what might happen to our Church. Already the plot to create a women’s deaconate was being touted, with the implicit threat of a female priesthood looming, as well as priests being married, and married men becoming priests. Rumors of sinful practices such as idolatry and infanticide were seemingly being ignored, as if they could be wished away and confrontation avoided! But such a conglomeration of confusion is one of the hallmarks of the evil one and his minions, who inevitably brag about the evil which occurs as being caused by their actions. Said another way, if there is an evil spirit present, we do not have to wait long for it to show itself.

I answered the question about whether or not I was scared by saying that even the worst results of such a Synod would only serve to point out the error embedded in its agenda, and warn people who were vacillating on whether there is a schism or not, to finally take action. Since the results would be revelatory, few would be excused from identifying and following the Truth. Thus, such a Synod would likely speed up making the choice between being sheep or goats. The Holy Spirit does indeed seem to be allowing just such Truth to prevail. May the times be shortened for the sake of the elect.

When I read of the courageous men who removed the pachamamas from being an abomination in a Church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary (think about that! Sexual icons of fertility ensconced in a Church dedicated to the Holy Virgin!) I was delighted. But there was one nagging concern. I have looked at the Tiber from the bridge of Michael the Archangel, and seen people wading along its shore. It seemed particularly easy to recover the idols. My wish at the time was that the rescuers would have destroyed the icons completely, with hammers and saws, before hurling them over the bridge, Recounting this thought in no way is a criticism of those who defended the Blessed Mother’s position of honor. It was just a bystander’s thought at the time, watching the video footage.


Idol News

It has been reported today that the pachamamas (some at least) were recovered from the Tiber, and will be present at the closing Mass. Pope Francis and other organizers of the Synod now clearly have been put on notice of the deliberate idolatry they have chosen. While the Garden Caper might have been a miscommunication, the return of the idols at a Holy Mass is inexcusable. And so, God has indeed worked in this situation to allow his priests and bishops to choose whom they will follow. Moreover, the faithful should have been strengthened in their resolve to keep clean of the abomination by the deliberate entry of the idols into truly sacred space, and the choice the clerics have been given to know which side they are on. It seems that to have been recovered substantially undamaged implies a demonic spirit attached to the idols. But it also seems to indicate God’s permissive will, allowing Pharaoh’s repeated rejection of the wonders worked by the Lord God in the land of Egypt. The extended demonstration of God’s power certainly expressed His glory to the Egyptians as well as to the Israelites.

There is also another reminder in all these actions from a jealous God who demands our single-hearted loyalty. In other words, there is a echo of God’s Voice, a fingerprint of his Divine Will in the present case. Consider the situation of the Israelites, ordered by God to rid the land of the idolatrous Am’alekites in 1 Samuel, Chapter 15:

1Sa 15:3: “’Now go and smite Am’alek, and utterly destroy all that they have; do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.'”

1Sa 15:7-9: “And Saul defeated the Amal’ekites, from Hav’ilah as far as Shur, which is east of Egypt. And he took Agag the king of the Amal’ekites alive, and utterly destroyed all the people with the edge of the sword. But Saul and the people spared Agag, and the best of the sheep and of the oxen and of the fatlings, and the lambs, and all that was good, and would not utterly destroy them; all that was despised and worthless they utterly destroyed.”

1Sa 15:18-19 “And the LORD sent you on a mission, and said, ‘Go, utterly destroy the sinners, the Amal’ekites, and fight against them until they are consumed.’ ‘Why then did you not obey the voice of the LORD? Why did you swoop on the spoil, and do what was evil in the sight of the LORD?’

1Sa 15:32-33 “Then Samuel said, ‘Bring here to me Agag the king of the Amal’ekites.’ And Agag came to him cheerfully. Agag said, ‘Surely the bitterness of death is past.’ And Samuel said, ‘As your sword has made women childless, so shall your mother be childless among women.’ And Samuel hewed Agag in pieces before the LORD in Gilgal.”


What we have in the present situation is a ‘teaching moment.’ What those who removed the idols did was noble and courageous. And God did deliver the idols into their hands. But total destruction seems to be what is required. Perhaps that very need will bring others forward to complete the work, fully eliminating the rest of the idolatrous materials? Or perhaps the Lord will take matters into His own hands? Spiritual warfare is hard to predict! But, still —  to the original question– “No, I am not scared. Not as long as God is in charge.”  Just look at what He has exposed!


Pope Apologizes: 

In an almost unbelievable turn of events Pope Francis apologized for the removal of the idols. All you holy men and women, pray for us!

What is the rest of the message here? It would seem to be that there is no half-hearted compromise in idolatry. As St. Boniface showed, the tree must be cut down completely. Either we are all in for God, or not. Our souls and the souls of others are at stake.


All Souls’ Day

October 24th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Reprinted from October 27, 2019 Bulletin of St. Thomas the Apostle Church, Irondequoit:


Rotten Fruit of Amazon Synod heading to the communal table

October 23rd, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris


Amazon bishop calls use of indigenous rituals and statues a sin of idolatry: see here.

Many Amazon synod prelates pledge loyalty to Liberation Theology in “Catacomb Pact.”


Anyone with even a slight acquaintance with the Bible knows that the most reprehensible sins to Almighty God through the centuries were the attachment of the Chosen People to sins of idolatry, always at the expense of their relationship to God, in violation of the First Commandment. Even when the sin wasn’t imported from the enemies around them, somehow the people found a way to grow their own versions of idolatry.

Now, leaders of the 21st century Catholic Church have stepped back to admire their handiwork, especially around their serving the environment, and fallen into the same deep trap of worshiping the work of their own minds and hands.  And, deep in the trap, in profanation of the blessed relic of the holy catacombs, they take their error further, into a deliberate pledge.

One of the most significant sins, riding tandem with idolatry over the ages, was the immolation of children. Already questions have been raised about the extent of and reasons for ignoring the

infanticide in Amazonian practice. Too little resistance to abortion by Catholic leaders has set the stage for further abomination. It is astonishing how quickly the “faithful” are sorting themselves into sheep and goats, and with such deliberate intent.

When I wrote the book “Half a Dialogue” responding to Pope Francis’ invitation for input on his encyclical, Laudato Si, it began with the concern that such focus on the environment leads to pantheistic and paganistic attraction. The final book (Dec. 2015) drew heavily on these two CF Posts: and

Now we are indeed seeing the fruit of that focus on the environment, and worse. At the time I wrote “Half a Dialogue”, I tried to give Pope Francis the benefit of the doubt, and didn’t think pagan worship was the intent. But since each step has been executed with the precision of appearing pre-planned, and worsening at each step, I would rethink that benign conclusion today.

Regarding the chapter on Liberation Theology, I would also rethink the appropriateness of using a “seamless garment” as an image. Even the Old Testament makes clear under Mosaic Law (Exodus 23:3; 23:6; 30:15) that neither the rich nor the poor should have a preferential option before God or under justice. In my opinion, the words “seamless garment” (John 19:23) referring to Christ’s single piece tunic seems to have no direct implication for the poor, and seems to be more eisegesis (reading ‘into’ the Gospel text) rather than exegesis (‘taking from’ the text.)


A Dirty Little Man with Dirty Little Thoughts

October 21st, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

It would be very difficult to say that Fr. James Martin S.J. is not obsessive about sin, especially sexual sin. He seems unable to think about anything else! While he hasn’t publicly admitted to succumbing to the sin which reflects his own clearly articulated prurient interest, one wouldn’t be surprised to see the context as a one-man pride parade. It would be laughable, were it not so serious, so dangerous to souls. In some ways he is like a smirking little boy who just discovered a new part of his body which he hadn’t noticed before.

It is as if Fr. Martin is a one-man band, or the pied piper, claiming the souls of the immature and impressionable as validation for his own shortcomings. How apt is the title ‘pied piper’, when one considers that the meaning of ‘pied’ is multicolored, and Fr. Martin often appears with the rainbow LGBT colors as a shameless admission of his errors, flouting God’s merciful promise after the flood.

The obsession of this Jesuit in pursuing what so deeply offends God’s Law should not be too surprising. Any addiction, including sexual sin, is like to drugs or alcohol, and the old adage: “The man takes a drink, the drink takes a drink, and then the drink takes the man.” It leads him to the abyss from which air-lift extraction can only come from great repentance and reparation, and an outpouring of Divine Mercy, sought and received in humility. But the allies of Satan do not tend to be humble; rather, they seek the limelight and media attention, craving the celebrity status of fools.

I had to think carefully before posting these paragraphs, since I do not in any way wish to give the Jesuit the attention he craves. But he is undisciplined by his own community, so it is fair to make a necessary point and a solicitous warning to souls who pursue his books and talks as a novelty. No, all should be avoided as near occasions of sin. To do less risks incurring a sin of collaboration with evil.

And, with this introduction, I recommend yet another exhibit of Fr. Martin’s immaturity, his allegations of same sex attraction against St. John Henry Newman:

Originally posted Oct. 18th; moved but unchanged to today, Oct. 21st, to continue comments.


Obedience Matters, and pachamama can’t swim!

October 21st, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris


A 3-way Schism?

October 14th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris


“We ARE already in Schism and the Faith is under attack; we must support and obey Christ’s teachings.”


“We are NOT in Schism. The Church is experiencing evolutionary changes which must be obeyed.”


“I don’t know if we are already in Schism or not. And I don’t want to think about it, read about it, or talk about it.”


That about sums up the three current views, in one form or another.  For simplicity and more focus, let’s just call those three choices, in the above order, “hot, cold or lukewarm.”  So, we can see where this is going. In Revelation 3:13-16 we read Christ’s words:

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. And to the angel of the church in La-odice’a write: ‘The words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of God’s creation. I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of My mouth.'”


Hot: What we seem to have is a faithful, concerned, even horrified remnant watching the unfolding of many attacks on the Deposit of the Faith, who are trying to work out how to proceed, all in fear and trembling, with uncertainty about the shepherds appointed to lead them.

Cold: Having seen the abuses of Vatican II unfold over decades, we can see that the present onslaught is progressing much faster and deeper than previous issues, revealing the roots of the demonic in this attack, against both faith and morals. An entrenched and powerful segment serves the demonic, the masonic, the lust for power, the desire to be gods in a new order. What is so different from most past attacks is that this time the thrust comes from within the Church.

Lukewarm:  Because of hierarchical position, the asserted authority is entrenched and the faithful lack discretion in understanding the basis for resistance; i.e.  when obedience is required, and when it is not. They lack reliable preaching from many pulpits, and choose to hide-out during the unfolding of the battle, not wanting to know or act. But the lukewarm cannot hide out for long. Choosing to take no position is untenable. The lukewarm are standing on shaky ground which is collapsing beneath them.  To remain naive and unknowing about the forces unfolding is deliberate ignorance. To make no choice is, of course, to make a choice.

The verses noted above are preceded by Revelation 3:11-12:  “Because you have kept My Word of patient endurance, I will keep you from the hour of trial which is coming on the whole world, to try those who dwell upon the earth. I am coming soon; hold fast what you have, so that no one may seize your crown.”

Is it not at least the time to discern how we can live in “patient endurance” and how we can “hold fast to what [we] have?” 






Don’t be stupid . . .

October 12th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

A priest’s warning: Christians who vote for pro-abortion politicians could “spend all of eternity in hell.”

October 11, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Little more than a week before the Canadian federal elections on October 21, a Catholic priest with a large YouTube following has warned Catholics that they might face eternity in hell if they vote for an abortion-supporting politician.

In a new video, Fr. Mark Goring, a Canadian priest at a parish in Ottawa, and a member of the Companions of the Cross community of priests, warns Catholics not to be “stupid.”

“If you vote for a political leader who’s very open about allowing harm to be done to the most innocent and the most helpless the most little you are complicit in the death of these little ones,” he said. “And you have blood on your hands and you might (and I say this out of love and out of concern) you might spend all of eternity in hell because you did not obey God’s clear commandment thou shalt not kill.”

“Several of Fr. Goring’s videos have gone viral with hundreds of thousands of views, and with 36,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, he’s been a much needed voice for orthodoxy in the Church.” (Published by John-Henry Westen; LifeSite News).








Hear Fr. Mark Goring here:

The popularity of Fr. Goring’s messages shows the desire of the human heart for Truth. But some Christians find it difficult to ‘hurt’ the feelings of family members and friends by setting the Truth before them.  Fr. Goring helps them to do so. For those who do speak the Truth and are rejected, sad as the family/friends situation may be, they have been at least faithful to the Lord, and allowed themselves to suffer ‘white’ (i.e. bloodless) martyrdom for His sake.

Lest the message on abortion be missed by pointing to the awareness of John the Baptist at 6 months as a ‘time-limit’ on abortion, let’s remember that the Presence to which the Baptist is reacting is only a day or two after conception!  Yet Life is fully present, to which John the Baptist is aware and reacts.


Synod Day #3–CM says Scalfari claims PF said Christ not divine

October 11th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Though not directly related to the Synod, surely this breaking news by Church Militant during the Synod most grabs the news attention. Read the CM Newsletter here:

and here:


The Vatican response was reported to be:

“As has been affirmed in other occasions, the words that Dr. Eugenio Scalfari attributes between quotes to the Holy Father during his colloquies held with him cannot be considered as a faithful account of what was effectively said, but represent more a personal and free interpretation of that which he heard, as appears entirely evident from what was written today concerning the divinity of Jesus Christ.”

Apparently the Vatican reply is (no surprise) ambiguous. More news. Is the Pope Arian is now being asked. Why does the Pope continue to talk to someone who (!) might (!) misquote him?

Is this really news? Maybe that is hard to determine right now. But what IS news, is the response that it could even possibly be true.



Solemn High Latin Mass for Feast of the Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary

October 9th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

The Traditional Feast of the Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary will be celebrated with a Solemn High Latin Mass on Friday evening, October 11, 2019. The Mass will be offered for the Mothers of Lu prayer group, who pray zealously for priestly and religious vocations in their own families. More information on Mothers of Lu, here.

The Mass will be held at Our Mother of Sorrows Church (5000 Mt. Read Blvd., Rochester NY, 14612) at 7:00 PM, followed by a reception in the church hall. The celebrant will be Fr. Anthony Amato, with Fr. Peter Van Lieshout serving as deacon, and Fr. Peter Mottola as sub-deacon. The preacher will be Fr. William Coffas.  All are welcome!

For more information on local Mothers of Lu: See   and


Synod Day #1: Michael Matt nails it — Racism & Exploitation

October 8th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Trick or Trick?

In 21 minutes of video, covering Day #1 of the Amazon Synod, Michael Matt of Remnant TV nails the intrinsic errors of the synod and reveals the real agenda of a gathering which is disguised as a children’s harmless and fun-filled Halloween costume party. 


“… the Vatican keeps insisting that the Synod is all about evangelization based on “synodal listening” to the people of the Amazon. But how does one evangelize people to whom one is supposedly listening and from whom one is learning?”

“… this eco-theology and listening to the cry of the earth is nothing new. It’s part of the United Nations, Jeffrey Sachs, Sustainable Development coalition to which the pontificate of Francis has been allied for the past five years. So, what’s listening got to do with it?”

“Does anyone seriously believe the Vatican is “listening” to the indigenous people of Amazon here in Rome in pursuit of new pathways for moving forward? If the indigenous peoples are so advanced that we must listen to them in order for the Church to progress, why does the white pope need to call a Synod to save and protect the Amazon?”

In the press conference yesterday, we learned that women in the Amazon have been baptizing babies, officiating at marriages and even hearing confessions.” [but claim not to be giving forgiveness of sins.]

“So, it’s pretty clear already what’s going on here: The Vatican is using the Amazon as a laboratory for “creative” new “pathways” for driving the Church of Vatican II further into the ground.”

“… what’s with the feathers? Would the Vatican have us believe all or even most of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon in 2019 are still running around in feathers and grass skirts? How is this condescending cultural stereotyping not essentially racist to the core?”

“I’m sorry to say it, but this whole thing–with the feathers and the grass skirts and bare feet–really starts to look like cultural appropriation and racial exploitation for the purposes of advancing a radically anti-Catholic, anti-industry and pro-pantheistic environmentalist agenda.”

“If the wisdom of the Amazon can change the world, why do they need Francis to interfere?”

To hear the full analysis, click here:


PF participates in Pagan Rituals in Vatican Gardens

October 4th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Screen Grabs from Lepanto Institute Inner Circle 50: Revolution in Rome:

Mandala for fertility invocation




Pope Francis presides over Pagan Rites in Vatican Gardens and accepts offerings








Pope Francis accepts amulet necklace and wears it all day


New First Saturday Latin Mass

September 30th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

NOTE NEW SITE!   For one of the very few times (if any) since the 1960’s, a Mass in the Extraordinary Form (Latin Mass) will be offered at St. Dominic Church in Shortsville, NY.  (A few miles south of Thruway Exit 43).

The Mass will be held on the First Saturday of October, the 5th, at 10:00 AM and the celebrant is to be the Pastor, Father Peter Van Lieshout.

First time visitors to St. Dominic often take special note of the beautiful alcove depicting the Blessed Mother giving the Rosary as a devotion for St. Dominic.  What a special site in the Month of the Rosary!

NOTE ALSO: One comment mentions the need for an altar rail, and we continue to pray for that to happen soon. Meanwhile, Communion will still be distributed, on the tongue, to attendees kneeling on the kneelers (or, more accurately, on the prie dieu).


Feast of the Archangels: September 29th

September 29th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Today is a perfect time to begin the practice of saying the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel every day.

And here is substantial background on Pope Leo XIII’s propagation of the Prayer to St. Michael.





When a Bishop is led by the sheep …

September 25th, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Looking for more ‘Troubles’

Trouble didn’t come looking for Irish Bishop John Fleming of Killala; he sought it out on his own. Now he claims the spark was lit by an  estimate that there will be but “three to six priests serving the 22 parishes of the rural diocese by 2037.” 2037! Yes, you read that right. He’s so worried, so untrusting in the Holy Spirit’s protection, and perhaps so interested in getting the Pope’s attention and approving smile, that he is making 2037 such an issue that he used a “poll” of his parishes to take on the mantle of crusader for women’s ordination. Huh?

Voting on Church Teaching and Doctrine?

Bp. Fleming  took it on himself to poll the parishioners (aka his ‘flock’), and now reports, to his own shame, that “80% of the assembly voted in favor of a female diaconate, while 69% voted for female priests.”  Please, may I be so bold as to ask “Who cares?” Those who don’t come to Mass at all? Those who support abortion? Or who suffer from same sex disorders? Well, maybe so, given their conclusions. Especially when a bishop discards the vestment of teaching, ruling and sanctifying!

“In the balloting, 80% of the assembly voted in favor of a female diaconate, while 69% voted for female priests. The vote found that 85% want married priests. The vote also found that 86% want the Catholic Church to change its teaching regarding homosexual relations and to include persons regardless of marital status, family status, or sexual orientation.” (aha!) Evidence of poorly catechized or disordered minds should indicate a questionable ability to adequately input on matters of obedience and governance. Moreover, how naive is Bp. Fleming about his own broader image that the flock for which he is responsible is now publicized as advocates for disobedience and sin! Moreover, since the Bishop clearly has no capability to implement his poll, he looks quite foolish for having taken the poll in the first place. Leave that to CNN, who can make a poll say anything it wants to say.

Bp. Fleming’s comment? He said “These proposals, when accepted, will then become diocesan policy and form the basis of our Pastoral Plan for the Diocese.” Duuh! And, as hard as it is to believe, the voting was on matters over which the laity has no authority, and no control.  Unfortunately, people are easily swayed in focus groups, and such a methodology is deeply flawed in collecting data. It is more like “creating” data.  Shall we also note that 356 of the 1500 ‘voters’ were teenagers, especially impressionable? Why would any bishop be asking them, rather than teaching them, and rather than relying on 2000 years of authority, doctrine and Church Teaching?

Power and Authority

Calling the process an “inclusive initiative,” Bp. Fleming said he wants to hear from inactive Catholics, as well as young people. Previously he said he had been inspired by Pope Francis, who said in his message for the 2016 World Communications Day that “listening … means being able to share questions and doubts, to journey side by side, to banish all claims to absolute power and to put our abilities and gifts at the service of the common good.” “Banish all claims to absolute power?” No. That is exactly what Christ gave to his Church. People like Bp. Fleming are just afraid, or maybe too self-serving, to use that power. The Killala diocese has promised to implement their initiatives in 2020. Sorry, Bp. Fleming; you don’t get to have “initiatives” which change Church Teaching.

The Lifesite article states: “In the Killala diocese, there is apparently little provision made for traditionalist Catholics.” No surprise. Read the link to learn more, including forbidding the Mass of the Ages to be celebrated. The dissidents are nesting together in Dublin in October, with We Are Church Ireland which advocates among its six goals the abolition of a celibate male priesthood.

Why do I particularly care?

Well, the Diocese of Killala “includes portions of Counties Mayo and Sligo.”  Since my family comes in part from Mayo, I am pained to learn of the dissipation of the faith which they brought to America, circa 1860. Will somebody please take the scissors out of Bp. Fleming’s hand, as he runs roughshod through the doctrine, tradition, Church Law and pastoral practice of two millennia?


“The Episcopal See of Killala appears to have been founded between the years 434 and 441 by St. Patrick, who, during that period, was propagating the faith of Christianity in the province of Connaught; and built a church at this place, called Kill-Aladh, over which he placed one of his disciples, St. Muredach, as bishop.”

(Samuel Lewis, writing in his 1837 Topographical Dictionary).


Another bridge too far: Pope Francis says “Obey the UN”

September 22nd, 2019, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Breaking 9/24: Pope invites pro-abortion UN leaders to Amazon Synod

Breaking 9/24: US and 18 other nations tell UN there is NO International Right to Abortion

It is well worth listening to Michael Matt of the Remnant News unveiling the very real battle to which we are being called. There may be a few cringe-worthy moments, even rudeness, but it is a genuine rallying cry that demands a response. We don’t obey the UN, purveyor of abortion and contraception worldwide, champion of sustaining the planet but not the soul. No, we are called to obey Jesus Christ, and Him only do we serve.

Matt was one of the few early perceivers of the warning signs of the irregularities since 2013. He even scared those who believed and those who preached that the laity’s role could only be implemented through quiet prayer on the sidelines. Yes, that is necessary. But are we not called to pray as if everything depends on God, AND to work as if everything depends on us? How many Catholics in the pew still have family, friends, neighbors and co-workers who have no idea of what that Catholic believes because it is kept as a personal secret! There is an expression that those who try to keep their faith a secret will either lose their faith, or lose the secret.

Matt’s voice should be heard by the Church Militant. Remember the effort post-Vatican II to change our name to “Pilgrim Church?” Nice, obedient trekkers. Michael Voris noticed the availability of the title Church Militant and used it when his using “Catholic” was squashed. His bold action reminded me of Abraham Lincoln’s note to the stymied General McClellan, who prepared, planned, postponed and punted. In one of the biographies of McClellan, we read that “… Lincoln was so frustrated at McClellan’s failure to act that he sent the general a telegram that read, “If  General McClellan does not want to use the Army I would like to borrow it for a time….”  Was not Voris saying, in effect, “If the Church is not using the ‘Church Militant’ title, I will”?

Lincoln also had written to McClellan: “I beg to assure you that I have never written you, or spoken to you, in greater kindness of feeling than now, nor with a fuller purpose to sustain you, so far as in my most anxious judgment, I consistently can. But you must act.”

So too, the laity must act. One wonders “What are they who are most uncomfortable with Matt and/or Voris doing in the present crises with the means each has available?” Maximillian Kolbe wrote newsletters and pamphlets long before he offered himself up at Auschwitz. Getting educated on the current need is a beginning step.

The last seven minutes of Matt’s righteous rant are the most telling and provocative. Click the link under Matt’s picture, and scroll down on the linked article for the start arrow.

                                    Michael Matt’s Call for Defense of the Church