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Coming Soon! Bible Study Listings

September 3rd, 2017, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Bible studies in the Catholic tradition are not well-publicized. By the time we learn of one in which we might be interested, we’ve usually missed at least a few sessions. For the most part, such notices get buried as a page 3 insertion from time to time in Church bulletins.

ScreenShot702Under Canon Law and under the exhortations of Dei Verbum (Vatican II), the Faithful do have certain rights of access to the bible and for proper learning of the message of God to His people. We’ll be covering excerpts of that teaching in a later posting. For now, we are just asking readers to send (or provide as comments to this post) information on any scripture study of which you may be aware and which you believe will be consistent with Catholic Teaching. We’d like to compile a wide area list  especially in this Year of the Eucharist in the Rochester Diocese. We believe it will help conserve pastoral resources, and build networking among the laity.

Cleansing Fire plans to publish a list of bible studies intended to be in the Catholic Tradition, wherever they may be held in the Diocese of Rochester, including in people’s homes. Please mention which book(s) of the bible will be studied, dates, time and place of meetings, contact information and cost, if any. If there is a leader, please identify, and mention background if applicable. If it is a community study group without a leader, or using a DVD + discussion, it would be helpful to know that as well.

We can’t all be missionaries, but we can help to spread the Word of God.

Peace to all!

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  1. avatar christian says:

    I am glad that you published this exhortation. I, for one, would really be interested in a Bible Study that is grounded solidly.

    I am hoping readers begin posting available Bible Studies.

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