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Homosexual Activist Group Still Receiving Local Support

July 4th, 2015, Promulgated by benanderson

We’ve reported on the group “Fortunate Families” several times before (here, here, and here). Given the recent SCOTUS ruling redefining the word marriage, we thought it’d be worthwhile to post the 2013 donors whose names may be very reminiscent of some familiar DoR personalities.

Michael Bausch
Sr. Kay Heverin
Robert J Kennedy
William Donnelly
James Lawlor
Daniel Meyers
Edward Palumbos
Anthony Sciolino

The full list can be found here. There may be names that we missed. We plan to post the 2014 donors when that report is published.

A quick glance at their website or facebook page is enough to affirm that this organization opposes Church teaching.

On a positive note, the group was rejected from the upcoming World Meeting of Families 2015.


8 Responses to “Homosexual Activist Group Still Receiving Local Support”

  1. avatar Ron says:

    William Graf? Thomas Nellis? William Pickett? Perhaps these are other local folks with ties to the diocese?

  2. avatar militia says:

    Oh, yeah…. Bill Pickett for sure. He’s the one who caused such destructive planning damage to so many parishes. I think he retired. Hope so.

  3. avatar annonymouse says:

    I find it wrong for priests and deacons to not include their ecclesial titles (Father, Deacon). They cannot separate their personal from their ordained selves. Hopefully these names will not escape the good folks on Buffalo Road.

  4. avatar christian says:

    One name that shouldn’t be missed is Fr. Fred Daly of the Diocese of Syracuse. He is a openly homosexual priest and an activist for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Rights. He regularly celebrates an LBGT Mass, and has LBGT forums. And he appears to have some nuns backing him. He also has the backing of the Diocese of Syracuse.

    He has been quoted as saying at the LBGT masses, in which he wears the LBGT rainbow stole, (apparently held on Sunday evenings), that he wouldn’t tell them “what to do in their bedrooms” as he doesn’t tell his morning congregation “what to do in their bedrooms.” -It has been posted in multiple articles including First Things.

    He also held a Gay Pride Prayer Service in June 2013 at All Saints Parish on Lancaster Place/Avenue, Syracuse New York.
    In the June 9th Bulletin of All Saints Parish, it was listed as “LGBTQ PRIDE INTERFAITH SERVICE”.-per NOVUS ORDO WATCH

    Fr. Fred Daly was previously at St. Francis de Sales Church, Eagle Street, Utica, New York (now closed).

    If you Google his name, you will find quite a few online articles about him.

    Fr. Fred Daly was removed as the main speaker from the 9-11 Ceremony in Utica in 2002 due to the protest of the Utica Fire Department who said they would not show up if he was the main speaker. The Fire Chief, Russell Brooks, and the Utica Mayor, Tim Julian, did not want him as the main speaker also. The reason given for removing him was his extreme activism of gay rights which they thought would take away from the reason they were assembled.

    The Catholic News Service in Washington reported in August 2006, that Fr. Fred Daly was being removed/dropped from Catholic Relief Services Overseas Program in Lesotho due to the controversy surrounding his activism for LBGT rights and because he was “a media magnet.”

    Fr. Fred Daly has been on ABC’s “Nightline” and has given interviews in many, many media outlets and newspapers including The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, and the National Catholic Reporter.

    There is an article about him in

    I cannot find anything online backing this up, but I read an article about Fr. Fred Daly some years back, where he was quoted as saying that he advocated homosexual priests breaking their vows of celibacy, but personally he was keeping his vow of celibacy because he considered it a gift.
    There is always a chance that the reporter didn’t quote him correctly, but I was absolutely shocked when I read that quote, and so were the other people with me who also read that. I noted that he didn’t address heterosexual priests.

  5. avatar christian says:

    So I hope that no parish in the Diocese of Rochester hosts Fr. Fred Daly as a speaker, homilist, or retreat master.

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