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Fr. Mike Mayer removed from St. Pius X in Chili

May 18th, 2013, Promulgated by b a

We have been notified that Fr. Mike Mayer has been removed from St. Pius X in Chili. St. Pius X is led by layman William Rabjohn who is the non-canonical “Pastoral Administrator”. Fr Mayer has stated the situation as such:

At the end of April I asked Bill if he wanted me to stay at St. Pius Tenth. He told me that he informed a representative of the personnel board that we were “like two bulls locking horns,” making it clear that he did not want me to stay. He then said to me that without me at St. Pius Tenth: “I can be the pastoral leader I know I can be.”

For those outside of St. Pius X, you may know Fr. Mayer as one of the voices on 1460AM’s Calling All Catholics. Fr. Mayer also runs a podcast called Intensely Catholic.

Fr. Mike Mayer is well endeared by many parishioners who are giving voice to the fact that they do not like this decision and want him to stay at St. Pius X. Here’s an email recently sent to us:

Please help us spread the word about trying to save Father Mike! Everyone who was originally trying to help us has now been intimidated into silence! WE NEED HELP!
Parishioners are doing what they can.

This email came attached with the following links:
Online Petition
Facebook Page
Flyer – Save Father Mike

Here’s an email sent along to me by a parishioner that they had originally sent to Fr. Mayer.

You are a great priest, who speaks the truth and does the right thing. You take your job seriously, and do it well.

Your interaction with people of all ages, and especially children, is a blessing.

You have restored a priestly presence in our Catholic school.

Your presence at many, many parish events is noticed, and greatly appreciated.

You are a priest who loves his job, and it shows. That is essential to inspire vocations.

You have a great sense of humor, and challenge us on important issues.

The Truth is important to you. You encourage us to care for the poor and are very generous.

You take photos at parish events and publish them to the parish Facebook page, which helps “spread the word” to the larger community about SPX.

St. Pius Tenth is a much better place since you arrived.

Your passion for the Eucharist and ongoing call to evangelize is motivational. I hope that we can attempt the “street evangelization” some day. [perhaps something like St. Paul Street Evangelization?]

The Sacrament of Reconciliation with you is greatly enriched in contrast to my prior experiences.

Please be assured that you are in our prayers, and that I am personally embarrassed, as a parishioner in the Diocese of Rochester, at the way you have been treated.

If you would like to voice your concern about this situation, you may want to express your concerns to our Apostolic Administrator, Bishop Robert Cunningham:

Bishop Robert Cunningham
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse
240 East Onondaga St.
Syracuse, NY 13202

Phone: (315)422-7203
Fax: (315)478-4619

If you would like to voice your opinion that the Diocese of Rochester is desperately in need of a good and holy bishop who cares for his priests, you may be interested in writing to the Apostolic Nuncio:

Archbishop Carlos Maria Vigano
U.S. Apostolic Nuncio
3339 Massachusetts Ave. N.W.
Washington DC 20008

and also the Congregation for Bishops:

Archbishop Lorenzo Baldisseri
Sacred Congregation for Bishops
Piazza Pio XII 10
00193 Rome, Vatican City

more addresses here.

Mr. Rabjohn is to be ordained a deacon on June 1st – Seven new deacons to be ordained.

Obviously prayers for all involved would be more than appreciated.



49 Responses to “Fr. Mike Mayer removed from St. Pius X in Chili”

  1. aimeeoc says:

    Let me strive to put all sentiment aside — which is difficult, because Father Mike is a humble, holy priest whose homilies and counsel inspire my family daily. As a parishioner of St. Pius X, I can attest that Father Mike absolutely embodies everything listed in our parish mission statement, which is the lead text on our parish web page []. Father Mike works very hard to live out these ideals, and during his time here, attendance and participation have increased tremendously. I am gravely concerned that our parish leadership is acting irresponsibly and not in the best interest of its members, on whose financial support they rely. Just this month, parishioners were asked to consider how well as individuals we demonstrate Matthew Kelly’s four signs of dynamic Catholics (namely: prayer, study, generosity and evangelization). Father Mike’s hands-on participation at St. Pius X has unquestionably increased each of these aspects in our parish life many times over. Purely using logic, it is clear that acting to have him reassigned makes no sense, goes AGAINST our mission statement and represents a recklessness and disregard for the spiritual welfare of the parish — which must be acknowledged and adequately addressed. I wrote this on the petition to keep Father Mike at St. Pius: “His [Father Mike’s] success in growing the number of lively, contributing parishioners at St. Pius X, a rather large parish, must be weighed against moving him into any position which may limit his ability to engage lay people in learning and living the Catholic faith. On the inverse, if St. Pius is assigned a priest who is not accustomed to, nor expecting, a large parish wishing to actively engage their priest in daily matters of faith and family, our pastoral administrator will find himself unable to meet the needs of the parish and will need to hire additional priests or suffer the loss of several families migrating to other, more lively parishes. These are not merely whimsical or sentimental concerns, but those reflecting the long term needs and planning for our parish, both financially and spiritually.”

  2. Dominick Anthony Zarcone says:

    Father Mike Mayer is the Catholic priest who balances the Church’s mission to preach Christ Crucified and Risen for the salvation of souls with the Church’s mission “to become bread for the poor”.

    Father Mike Mayer is the Catholic priest who proclaims and lives the Eucharist.

    Father Mike Mayer is the Catholic priest who names the NAME above every other name, JESUS CHRIST.

    This ordained man thinks, speaks and acts Biblicly. Immersed in Sacred Tradition including the official documents of the Catholic Church, Father Mike loves Christ, Christ’s Church and Christ’s lost lambs. This ordained man strives to live what he preaches.

    Michael Mayer has the courage to be Catholic.

    Why doesn’t the Diocese of Rochester support him in his endeavors to be faithful to Christ?

    I do not know. Neither will I speculate.

    But I can testify that in 2009, the Diocese struck this shepherd and scattered the sheep.

    While on Sabbatical, the Diocese brought in a pair of administrators, forced a number of City parishes in the NorthEast to merge and soon closed and sold SAINT ANDREW CATHOLIC CHURCH on Portland Avenue.

    God bless Father Mike who has experienced his share of suffering at the hands of the Diocese.
    Hopefully, this good and holy priest, sinner that he is who trusts the grace of God, hopefully he remembers that those who suffer the most are closest to the Savior’s heart.

    Perhaps I should offer a hope for the Diocese too. Officials here should hope that movers and shakers in Catholic media, internet or blogging don’t turn too bright a flood light on the unrighteous treatment of this simple, humble priest who faithfully implements the New Evangelization.

  3. JLo says:

    A layman pushing out a priest, and all in service of his own personal vanity! Pray as hard for that that prideful man, whose soul is in danger. +JMJ

  4. kbrown5199 says:

    Bill has been speaking from the alter at the masses claiming that he wants to squash the rumors and that Father Mike has heard nothing from the Bishop about being reassigned. Did he just call our Priest a liar?!?!

  5. militia says:

    What is clear is that they will never be able to work together. And I doubt that Bill will be able to overcome this situation by staying at SPX, so it seems he should leave. What priest would now want to come to SPX to serve with him? And he can’t serve a parish without a priest!

    I am also wondering about Deacon ordinations. I seem to remember at a priest ordination that there was some call for acclamation or a kind of “speak now or forever hold your peace.” Is that a time for people to register objection to an ordination of a deacon? How do people object to a pending ordination if they want to?

  6. Jim says:

    As I read this account, I’m turning red with anger (not Pentecost Sunday Red). Did this deacon recommend to Bishop Cunningham to remove Fr. Mayer? Or does the deacon have the power to remove Fr. Mayer by himself? Living in Irondequoit, this story sounds all too familiar….lay people and deacons playing musical chairs with unwanted priests and pastors. There are a lot of deacons in this diocese, who probably never should have been ordained! There are a group of deacons out there who, having been trained in the homespun Rochester Diocesan mold, act like pompous jerks, who enjoy “lording it over” both the parishioners, and the priests. They spend their time propagating the liberal, progressive teachings of the Bishop Clark era. Unfortunately, I know quite a few of them! These men should be subservient to the priests, and take their marching orders from him….not the other way around. I will pray for Fr. Mike, and hope that justice is served in his favor. When deacons assume the authority to remove a great and loving priest like Fr. Mike from a parish, then we know that the smoke of satan is continuing to be filtered into the sanctuaries of this diocese!!

  7. DanielKane says:

    “He then said to me that without me at St. Pius Tenth: “I can be the pastoral leader I know I can be.”

    If the above quote is accurate…then wow. Just wow.

    That is how a “hireling” thinks: “I can” “I know” and “I can”. Mr. Rabjohn, a candidate for ordination to the Order of Deacons himself, whines that with Fr. Meyers present, his needs to blossom like the flower that he is stymied.

    The number 1 problem in the DoR is a fundamental lack of formation and the distorted view of leadership, apostolate and ministry. Firstly it is manifestly dysfunctional to place a member of the laity over a priest. It is akin to reducing me to the breadwinner while the duties of husbandship and fatherhood are farmed out. Secondly, it is dysfunctional to place a priest subordinate to a deacon. Third, if the quote is accurate, it reflects poorly on the theological, pastoral, spiritual and human formation of deacons or at least this candidate for ordination to the order of deacons. Just look at the bulletin to see whose name is at the top of the letterhead…such pride and vanity!

    I concur with “militia” Mr.Rabjohn has polluted the waters so it is best that Fr. Meyers leave. Alternatively, Mr. Rabjohn could be reassigned upon ordination, but that would give Buffalo Road a bad precedent of listening and acting on the needs (or complaints) of a disaffected community.

    Father Meyer is neither the only nor the last suffering soul in the DoR. I pray that he perseveres in his ministry and vocation. He has certainly been humiliated rather thoroughly.

    At the end of the day, a parish family needs a head and the title of the head is “Father”. I pray that the leadership of both SPX and on Buffalo Road react to that simple pastoral concept.

    Personally, I would not be party to a parish that is not led by a priest as pastor. I would drive any distance necessary to assure that my children are formed in a parish that is not a dysfunctional pastoral model. Just as I would not let my children play in a dysfunctional home. The distortion is sometimes impossible to overcome.

    Pastoral Administrators can have a role in assisting the pastor in real and substantial ways. As catechists, operations officers, ensuring the functioning of the physical plant, paying bills and managing the human and operational side of staffing, they properly relieve the pastor to pray, “father” and lead his flock less distracted by the operational functions of parish life. But to have “needs” that need to be fed by pushing out a priest is a disqualifying trait.

    It is indeed sad and unfortunate that such unprecedented (here I am speaking of Catholicism on a national scale) level of dysfunction and literal experimentation is occurring in the 20th century of Christendom.

  8. Jim says:

    As I reread my blog, I realized that Mr.Rabjohn is not yet a deacon….my mistake. Seeing that he is just an ordinary lay “Pastoral Administrator”, with the authority to remove Fr. Mayer…and that he will now be ordained a deacon on June 1st, I’m more upset than before. What are we in for??

  9. annonymouse says:

    One may question whether Mr. Rabjohn has the requisite humility the Church seeks in her deacons. It is my understanding of the deaconate that ordained deacons are to work collaboratively with the Order of Presbyters, not in opposition. So it is an outrage if Mr. Rabjohn has run a good and holy priest out of town. Perhaps Bishop Cunningham should pause and reconsider before he lays his hands on Mr. Rabjohn’s head. Perhaps some additional formation is called for.

  10. kbrown5199 says:

    In the same conversation with Father Mike, it was said that Bill was promised another 3-5 years as pastoral administrator at St. Pius upon his ordination. Bill is also taking aside good employees and threatening their jobs becuase their spouses have been involved in the movement to keep Father Mike at St. Pius. This is an ever evolving case, and I will continue to post as information becomes available. Please follow the facebook group, Friends of Father Mike for further updates and instructions as to what we can do to possibly stop this from happening to the parish.

  11. aimeeoc says:

    I was at the 8:30 Mass for the announcements after Communion and prior to the final blessing. I am letting facts speak for themselves when I report that TWICE our pastoral administrator pointed to, and referred to our priest, who was seated in the presider’s chair on the altar (as is proper after Communion) as: “Mike.” Not Father Mike. “Mike.” I’ve never even heard a non-Catholic refer to a man with a collar by his first name without “Father”… even non-Catholics know the disrespect that implies.

  12. kbrown5199 says:

    That is reprehensible! Well, here is the proof that Bill Rabjohn lied to the parishioners of St. Pius X….”It was officially announced to the parishioners at St. Charles Borromeo that Father Mike is coming to their parish.”

  13. Dr. K says:

    That is reprehensible! Well, here is the proof that Bill Rabjohn lied to the parishioners of St. Pius X….”It was officially announced to the parishioners at St. Charles Borromeo that Father Mike is coming to their parish.”

    I’ve also heard that the bishop’s letter reassigning Fr. Mayer was read from the pulpit in a couple Greece parishes. It’s a done deal. Now Fr. Mayer is being placed in a no-win situation at a parish that’s likely to close due to the old age of its parishioners.

  14. Dr. K says:

    Not Father Mike. “Mike.”

    Perhaps someone who attends St. Pius X should ask Mr. Rabjohn why he wouldn’t list Fr. Mayer’s name in the weekly ad that runs in the Gates-Chili post newspaper? Their ad doesn’t appear in the most recent issue, but when it’s printed you’ll only see the name of the Pastoral Administrator.

  15. annonymouse says:

    It appears, then, that there are two issues at work here – the apparent injustice done to a good, holy priest, and the question as to fitness for ecclesial leadership and deaconal ordination of the SPX parish administrator. The apparent pomposity and ostensible dishonesty, not to mention the alleged intimidation of employees, exhibited by Mr. Rabjohn should be brought to the attention of the authorities both on Buffalo Road and in Syracuse.

  16. kbrown5199 says:

    Please Holy Father, please help us. In the name of your son Jesus Christ, help light the path for us to stop this evil!

  17. m77 says:

    I witnessed Mr. Rabjohn lie to our entire congregation at the 8:30 mass. I was devastated that I am witnessing corruption in my parish! Please encourage all whom share our feelings to share their voice. Send letters of support to the addresses provided! We can be heard!

  18. kbrown5199 says:

    There is a form letter posted on the facebook group page, please email it to all of the addresses provided and print out copies and mail them to the addresses listed. We are NOT going to stop now that Bill Rabjohn has been exposed!

  19. Persis says:

    I have seen the letter that was read at SCB & HN this weekend. I have also heard, from various sources aside from Cleansing Fire, that Mr. Rabjohn did state that “Mike” was not leaving. HHHMMMMM….
    Prayers for all involved, especially the parishoners of SPX and Mr. Rabjohn. If this is true, starting your “ordained” ministry on the heels of a lie will lead to nothing but heartache. 🙁

  20. Bruce says:

    Always go to the priest, especially if there is a lay “pastor.” Don’t bother with them and go to the priest. Make sure they know you are going around them and straight to a priest. Only a priest can help you in your darkest hour, as only a priest can hear confessions and give extreme unction. These lay clowns who parade as “pastors” are nothing more than arrogant lay persons who hold no power or prestige over any other lay person.

    Enough of them. Ignore them. Go to the priest.

  21. Hopefull says:

    Bruce, you are so right! Going to those so-called “pastoral administrators” is a total waste, undermines the priest and pumps up false leaders and a disordered church infrastructure. It is important to be polite, charitable, and totally non-cooperative in advancing their agenda. I would not let children attend religious education with them, provide any information, or ever ask for advice. How much can they know when their very life’s work is in an illegitimate function.

    I wonder if this is blowing up in Mr. Rabjohn’s face just before his ordination for some purpose which God has, but we don’t perceive? Is it to reveal an error in his selection to the diaconate? If it is for the sake of revelation, God will either lead him to repentance, or block the path.

    If Rabjohn did gain the deaconate on false pretenses, would his ordination be valid? Would people believe it is valid even if it is? The best he can do right now is ask for a postponement of at least a year to pray, reflect and reconsider. He is clearly not ready to be ordained given the behaviors that have been described.

  22. annonymouse says:

    As in-artfully and uncharitably you may have expressed it, it is correct to say that parochial leadership is supposed to be exercised by a priest, and that the Rochester diocese arrangement with lay and deacon pastoral administrators runs afoul of canon law. That is the root of the troubles at SPX.

  23. y2kscotty says:

    So, does it seem that the Ap. Admin, Bishop Cunningham, could be leaving a mess for the new Bishop? Has Fr. Mayer had troubles before? Are Fr. Hart and the diocesan curia, under Bishop Cunningham, the cause of this trouble? This is all very interesting to this reader, who is not familiar with the parish or with Fr. Mayer.

  24. Bruce says:


    I’m not out to get deacons. I may be one someday. But let’s not get overexcited about them either. Like sisters, nuns, and brothers they play a role in the Church, but they are not something we cannot do without if we really had to. The Church was born with 11 bishops and the Mother of God. She did well then. The Church will do well with our without more deacons, sisters, and brothers.

  25. Interstate Catholic says:

    Fr. Mike was pastor for how many years in NE Rochester? And now all he can get is assisting priest or parochial vicar?

    He must be in DoR purgatory.

    Love it when he is on catholic radio.

  26. Dominick Anthony Zarcone says:

    Perhaps the persons responsible for Father Mike’s removal should reconsider in light of Pope Francis’ reminder that:

    “However, “from Jesus’ evangelical perspective, power struggles within the Church must not exist” because real power, the one the Lord “taught us by his example” is “the power to serve.””,-because-real-power,-according-to-Jesus,-is-service-27975.html

    Papa Francesco gets it.
    And so does Father Mike Mayer!

  27. christian says:

    I am in complete agreement with posts submitted by Dominick Anthony Zarcone in regard to Fr. Mike Mayer. Fr. Mike Mayer is the type of priest and God’s servant that brings people into the church and keeps people who are already there – and the tactics of Buffalo Road, particularly Fr. Hart, and church leaders like William Rabjohn are the reason that people are not drawn into the church and those who are already there, leave.

  28. christian says:

    I know of some who would like to go to William Rabjohn’s June 1st ordination to heckle or object to his ordination if there is occasion to object.

  29. peekaboo says:

    First, I know that many are upset about Fr. Mike’s transfer to St. Charles/Holy Name. Fr. Mike is a good priest who is obedient to his Bishop as we would expect any good priest to be.
    Secondly, we belong to a Sacramental Church. To think that it would be ok to heckle someone receiving a sacrament is sinful. No one would think about being antagonistic at other Sacramental moments.
    Thirdly, the Church is not a democracy. We are all under the authority of the Pope and the bishop ( as the pope’s designated local leader). We may not like particular decisions, but this is the Church that we belong to. To be unkind, unloving, selfish about what we want is not at all the way of Christ.
    Fourth, the BEST thing we can do in this situation is to pray….for Fr. Mike, for the parishes leadership, and most of all for the people of St. Pius X.
    I am not a parishioner at Pius, I do not like the decision to transfer Fr Mike, but I do love our great and glorious God. I challenge the people of St. Pius to turn their disappointment and anger into prayer and trust that God is in control.

  30. militia says:

    I don’t know if there is an opportunity at a deacon ordination to object or not, but if there were, it would not be a sin to do so, in accordance with the form provided. Neither would it be a sin to raise by letter or phone call an objection in advance to an otherwise valid ordination. Neither of these objections would be “heckling.” To know (or truly believe) there is something wrong with a candidate for ordination and not raise a complaint against him might be dereliction of duty.

  31. peekaboo says:

    Militia… I agree, but there is a difference in what you know and what is truth about a person. We can’t simply go o ” truly believe” for there is no fact in that.

  32. militia says:

    Peekaboo, there is much territory in between. We need not “know”, as a witness to every horrible detail. But with testimony of witnesses who heard/saw parts and pieces, with what appears to be a number of points that can be verified, with what we have individually seen and heard, there can be much reason to raise concern.

    If parents of abused children had gone earlier with their concerns, with rumors and innuendo, with what they had come to fear, recognize and/or believe, perhaps others would have been spared much pain. It is indeed a judgment call, but to me “know” means 100% eyewitness; to truly believe can be based on many other realistic circumstances. It doesn’t mean it is a guess in the dark, or done reflexively. Besides, in raising concern verbally or by letter, it can be limited to those in authority in order to protect the person pending verification.

  33. true faith says:

    I question the judgement of the Diocese of Rochester and Syracuse in going ahead and 1. Moving Father Mike to yet another two parishes on the whim of an arrogant, pompous , rude , disrespectful pastoral administrator. Since when does a Bishop remove a priest from a parish on the complaint of a pastoral administrator because the priest is keeping him from ” blooming ” if by ” blooming ” you mean reigning through coercion and ultimatums going unchecked by anyone with Christian leadership and authority – this would be true.
    For those of you who state that the Church is not a democracy and one shouldn’t question the decision of those placed in leadership , I would like you to remember the Borgias and the intrigue surrounding the Borgia papacy, the many Inquisitions over a few centuries of Europe,Mexico, the Caribbean and South American involving the torture and killing of millions of innocents. I would like to equally remind you of the enormous scandal involving North America and Europe of countless victims of sexual abuse by the clergy where the parents silenced their children because one doesn’t question a priest or after being reported to the Bishop of Archbishop nothing was done and the priest was moved to a different parish to victimize innocent children again. This abuse has been found more widespread recently than previously believed and has gone on unchecked to recent times when victims finally got a voice and spoke out publicly. What would’ve been the outcome if victims hadn’t courageously come forward publicly as adults?
    Although we are to respect those in authority , it doesn’t apply to remaining silent in the face of obvious physical, emotional, and mental abuse or the abuse of power in one’s role in ministry. We are responsible for proclaiming when authority is misapplied contrary to holy scripture. What can it be called other than abuse of power when a pastoral assistant orders parishioners and visitors around in a rude fashion , treats a priest stationed with him with disdain and threatens parish employees with firing for family members voicing their opinion?
    It seems to me that choice of ordination in this case is made strictly on academic requirements without any regard for Christian character. I would suggest to the parishioners of St. Pius that if this travesty of injustice and abuse of power by their pastoral administrator is allowed to go on – then vote with your purses and your feet.

  34. true faith says:

    Incidentally, those who chose to cover up the abuses of the clergy to protect Mother Church and protect the viewed sanctity of the priesthood and to obey authority did the Roman Catholic Church a great disservice.
    By hiding the abuses in secrecy it festered into a world wide scandal when it was initially disclosed and dealt with by authorities and civil representatives outside of the church instead of being dealt with by swift justice from those in authority in the Church. It has proved disastrous for the Church in the many lawsuits placed against Dioceses, the disclosures of the many cover ups by those in authority who knowing reassigned pedophiles to victimize again. The loss of faith and damaged lives of victims who never received justice or validation by Church can’t be calculated ; nor can the losses of present and future generations of those won’t step foot in the Roman Catholic Church because she has lost her moral authority through this world wide scandal. They have all these programs of 0 tolerance in place now. It’s like closing the barn door after the horses are gone. It is a sad day indeed when the Church founded by the redeeming power of Christ and started by the Apostle Peter had to be confronted by the civil and secular authorities of the world over criminal and morally bankrupt acts of her priests.

  35. christian says:

    I agree with anonymouse’s post of May 21st, 2013 at 8:43 A.M.
    The Diocese of Rochester has slipped down the proverbial “rabbit hole” in allowing lay persons in charge, and priests at the bottom of the totem pole.
    If it goes in order of “lay” administrator, deacon, and priest at St. Pius X Church,
    Bill Rabjohn might be looking at a demotion.

  36. annonymouse says:

    It seems as if everybody here who knows Bill Rabjohn refers to him with such glowing adjectives as “rude,” “arrogant,” “pompous” and the like.

    It would appear that the AA is about to create a monster on Saturday when he lays his hands on Mr. Rabjohn’s head. Ordination is forever, after all.

    I too wonder whether there will be a “speak now or forever hold your peace” moment at the ordination (although there is no such moment in a Catholic Marriage liturgy).

  37. y2kscotty says:

    Well, maybe it’s time to rejoice with St. Charles parish. Fr. Mike will be a blessing for the parishioners there, right?

  38. Interstate Catholic says:

    I agree. St. Charles/HNoJ are getting a fine priest. Looking back, Fr. Mike was only suppose to be at St. Pius X temporarily anyway. He stayed an extra year.

  39. Churchlady says:

    Someone should let “Deacon” Rabjohn know his correct title. He INCORRECTLY identifies himself in the 6/2 Bulletin to be passed out this weekend. ……… so if having a title is so important to Deacon Rabjohn why doesn’t he use FATHER Mayer’s?


    Clerical Title
    88. While various forms of address have emerged with regard to
    deacons, the Congregation for the Clergy has determined that in all
    forms of address for permanent deacons, the appropriate title is

    95 “The introduction of the title ‘Reverend Mr.’ for permanent deacons could further
    complicate the issue of identity for deacons. The term ‘Reverend’ has traditionally been
    associated with priests and used only for transitional deacons on their way to priesthood.
    As there is great sensitivity surrounding the issue of a deacon being seen as a ‘mini-priest,’
    it would seem that the title ‘Reverend Mr.’ would lead to continued identification of the
    diaconate with the priesthood, rather than contributing to the independence and integrity
    of the Order of Deacon in itself. The title ‘Deacon’ would, of course, be appropriate.”
    Congregation for Catholic Education and the Congregation for the Clergy, Joint Study of the
    US Draft Document—National Directory for the Formation, Ministry and Life of Permanent
    Deacons in the United States, Prot. No. 78/2000 (March 4, 2002).

  40. annonymouse says:

    Thank you, Churchlady. Mr. Rabjohn is out of order using that title, and it is telling that the June 2 bulletin, printed many days before the ordination, contains that title – how presumptuous of him.

    If memory serves, St. Francis of Assisi was a deacon – perhaps Reverend Mister Rabjohn should model himself after good St. Francis, for whom the only title that mattered was “Saint!” As should be the case for all of us. In any event, a good self-examination for his motives to want to be ordained seems in order.

    This impending ordination is quite troubling – it’s like watching a car wreck about to happen, feeling powerless to stop it!

  41. JLo says:

    I just can’t believe the DOR will actually go forward with this!! And the man himself, if TRULY wanting to serve as The Lord is calling him, would in good conscience delay for a year and devote himself to prayerful discernment. Given this story of this candidate, anointing such as he will give legs to all the negatives spoken here about deacons. SURELY enough of them know and will confront the man and/or +Cunningham and stop this. Letting it go forward will forever paint the role of deacons in a way that will harm all such clerics. Makes a farce of that special anointing. WE DON’T NEED ANYMORE SHAMS IN THE CHURCH HERE. Car wreck indeed. +JMJ

  42. RochChaCha says:

    William Rabjohn
    Chief Executive Officer (Pastoral Administrator) at St. Pius the Tenth Church and School

    I guess the Catholic Church is very similar to Kodak, Xerox, Wegmans etc with a CEO as the head of a local parish. Courtesy of ‘linkedIn’ Mr Rabjohn goes by CEO of St. Pius.

  43. DanielKane says:

    Mr. Rabjohn, CEO of Pius X see

    Gravely unfortunate but completely in character with his public remarks about his colleague “Mike” and his desire to “be the pastoral leader he knows he can be”…

    A Deacon is called to serve the people in word and charity as an icon of Christ who “came to serve and not be served…” and the folks who are familiar with Linked In know what an Administrator is and what a CEO is and they are not analogous. The Pope clearly is not the CEO of Catholic, Inc. nor is the Bishop or Rochester some regional manager. But it is what it is and it reflects perfectly his understanding of his vocational call and his formation.

    Soon, this near heretical mindset will end.

    With the appointments of priests like Fr. Peter Ryan, SJ to the USCCB and Fr. Mike Barber, SJ as Bishop of Oakland and other similar appointments of Francis, we can continue to hope and pray that this decades long Lent will end in the visible future.

    Stay firm and cling to faith and hope Church, we will not be orphans for much longer.

  44. true faith says:

    I read statements written supposedly about my comments – discussing – questioning Truth in the Church. If anyone has ever read any of my postings , I have never commented about canon law, doctrines, beliefs, particular practices of the Roman Catholic Church. or catechism . I’m not concerned with minutiae of this sort but the actual Gospel of Christ put into practice by her Church , it’s leaders and her people.
    I defer to priest or theologian authority when it is concerning liturgy or other matters of interpretation of sacraments , etc. This is very different from questioning the actual quality of discipleship , quality of Christian stewardship and the quality of Christian character in our lives. Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior washed the feet of His disciples to show the character of servant hood / slavery that a disciple, especially one in leadership was to have towards others. He further stated that the Gentiles and leaders of this world lord over the people with authority but in His Kingdom / His church he who seeks to be great /leader must be the greater servant of all. He shared bread and wine at the Last Supper with His disciples knowing that one would betray Him and the rest would desert Him and deny Him except John. None of us are perfect but as Christians we should be exemplifying the character of Christ everyday and our leaders are held to a greater accountability.
    If the behavior of those in authority , likewise ourselves is contrary to the Gospel of Christ it must be addressed .If innocents are abused, tortured, killed or harmed in anyway it must be dealt with swiftly , justly and openly condemned. It is as much as or more of a heresy to partake in this behavior or to allow it to continue. If cruel treatment and abuse of any kind is allowed to continue in the Church whether by Pope ( in Middle Ages), Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Monks or Nuns, or even members of the laity , it is in effect denying the very Gospel of Christ and Jesus Christ Himself.
    Ubi caritas et amor Deus ibi est . Also ” you will know them by their fruit.” “

  45. christian says:

    In regard to ordination, particularly the June 1st, 2013 ordination of William “Bill” Rabjohn, the words of 1 Timothy 5:22 come to mind – “LAY HANDS SUDDENLY ON NO MAN ” This instruction was given to the presbyters in regard to choosing and anointing a candidate for an office/order of service.
    The instruction meant that before choosing/delegating/anointing a person to a position of service , prudence should be shown in waiting to see how a candidate conducts their affairs and if they have demonstrated Christian character. As one poster said, (true faith – May 27th, 2013, 12:06 A.M. ), “It seems to me that choice of ordination in this case is made strictly on academic requirements without any regard for Christian character.” And as another poster said,(anonnymouse, May 29th, 2013 at 10:00 A.M.) “Ordination is forever, after all.”
    I agree with JLo and others that Mr. Rabjohn should have taken a year of prayerful contemplation to discern if he had the calling to be a deacon. In any case, I CURRENTLY PRAY THAT WILLIAM “BILL” RABJOHN BLOOMS IN HUMILITY. I PRAY THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL GUIDE ALL OUR NEWLY ORDAINED DEACONS.

  46. christian says:

    AMEN to True Faith’s last posting. The leader of all must be the servant of all. Hence, the Pope’s title, Servus servorum Dei, Servant of the Servants of God.
    May God Bless Pope Francis who has been demonstrating that humility, love, and charity of Jesus to the world and may we obtain a new bishop for Rochester who mirrors that same humility, love, and charity for God’s people.

  47. true faith says:

    I would like to state for the record that from my objective opinion over the last fifteen years that it is a complete waste of time for parishioners to sign petitions , write letters, fax letters or otherwise voice their opinions to the Diocese of Rochester. I’m quite sure that some corporate type priest or layman properly disposes of them immediately and probably never reads them or allows the Bishop to see any of these petitions or letters.I don’t think that this is far fetched for me to believe this in light of the many actions of the Diocese of Rochester against parishes, disciplining and silencing priests, forcing programs and ministries to close down without warning and selling churches out from under the attending parishioners without warning or prior notice. The Diocese of Rochester makes no attempt to reach out to address parishioners’ concerns or even to have ” town meetings ” to discuss plans, give an account of the Diocese’s Finances, and answer questions of concerned parishioners .In effect, the non – verbal message is we don’t care about your concerns or feelings – just be quiet like lay people should be and continue to give in the collection every Sunday – give to CMAs and by the way – make sure you thoroughly remodel and modernize your church – ( it will go more quickly and sell for more when we sell it out from under you).Parishioners in the Diocese of Rochester have no voice because their repeated attempts to be heard on Buffalo Road are met with indifference and silence. They seem not to notice that their treatment has driven practicing Catholics out of the Church to either attend another Protestant denomination or just to stay at home like my family members. If worse comes to worse – you can attend an Eastern Rite Catholic Church and have the same sacraments including the Eucharist , the liturgy and still be under the Pope – Pope Francis – all without the politics seen in recent years of the Diocese of Rochester.

  48. Hopefull says:

    I believe “True Faith” is correct and that it was never possible to get attention let alone justice from Bishop Clark or his henchmen, who remain actively in the way. Bishop Cunningham is limited on how far he can go. However, the injustices have built up over a long period, and there are still priests, deacons, lay employees etc. who have done wrong to the faithful and never been held accountable. We should all be prepared with a submission to the new bishop as soon as he cleans house of those who would intercept our filings. Surely, no records are left on Buffalo Road, so we have to create new ones, lest those who most damaged the church in Rochester be seen to have escaped from what is their due.

    I would also add to True Faith’s comments on the Eastern Rite that there is also another attractive alternative — the Anglican Ordinariate. Mass is at 3PM on Sunday at Good Shepherd in Henreietta. Beautiful and respectful liturgy, Eucharist under both species, uplifting prayers, joyful celebration, and fully in Communion with Rome. If the new episcopacy is more of the same as we’ve had, I will probably go to the Anglican Ordinariate Mass.

  49. flowerchild says:

    Hopefull is absolutely correct about the Anglican Ordinariate. Another alternative might be the Latin Mass at St. Stan’s. I find Mass at either church provides a spiritual lift the doesn’t go away.

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