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Defending Truth and Tradition in the Roman Catholic Church

Renewing Our Legacy

March 14th, 2012, Promulgated by Diane Harris

Bookmark this post for full information on the March 23, 2012 event in support of our heritage of Freedom of Religion.

Although Rochester was not one of the official cities originally in the mix of 70-100 sites where a public event is planned for Friday, March 23, 2012, nevertheless there are two places locally which are holding events.  The first to be announced  was “Renewing Our Legacy” which is a silent procession from St. Mary’s Canandaigua to the Ontario County Courthouse (2 blocks.)   Recently, another event was also announced for Rochester, and can be found on Cleansing Fire here .  The purpose of this current post is to provide details on Renewing Our Legacy, which also can be found on the home page of

First, however, please view a very short presentation put together by Dixon Schwabl which will expertly and sensitively convey the spirit behind “Renewing Our Legacy.”  It is very short and should give great comfort as to the spirit and respect behind the silent procession.

Imagine the Procession

Now–here are the details!  This procession is NOT about contraception, abortion or sterilization.  IT IS ABOUT RELIGIOUS FREEDOM — Renewing our First Amendment Rights Legacy.

SILENCE:  The words “rally”, “protest”, “march” don’t quite fit what we are trying to do (as you can see from the DVD).  It is simply and powerfully to be a silent procession, led by the crucifix, and with people of all denominations carrying or wearing something of a religious nature if they so choose.  There will be no signs, slogans, banners, posters, shouting or even singing in the procession.

TIME & PLACE:  Those who will join the procession will gather at the corner of East Gibson St. and North Main St. in Canandaigua (95 North Main St. for those using GPS.)   We begin to gather by 11:15 AM.  People will be asked for an email address (if they have one) so they can be kept up-to-date on future developments, and the zip code from which they come. 

PROCESSION:  We will process in time to be at the Courthouse Square at noon, for a short silent prayer in our hearts, while church bells ring in the background.  If you clicked on the DVD link, you have seen the significance of the Court House,regarding the Pickering Treaty for Peace and the site of Susan B. Anthony’s trial for her casting a ballot (don’t buy-in to the feminist argument that Anthony supported abortion.  She absolutely did not, but she’s been high jacked to endorse such abomination.)  Our procession is a reminder that what we are about is protecting Religious Freedom, guaranteed under the first amendment, but now threatened.  The procession will return from the Courthouse back to St. Mary.

Imagine the Witness

SIGNAGE: While signage (banners, posters, placards) are not permitted in the procession, it is hoped that participants will bring signs which present quotations on religious freedom, to be placed on the parish lawn before the procession begins.  Each quote should give attribution to the person who is the original author of the quote, but not identify any individual or organization who contributed the quote.  Quotations should be placed on a sign with a stake that can be easily pounded into the ground.  It is hoped that you will leave the quotation after the procession so that it can witness to the event for some days afterward.

MEDIA & BYSTANDERS:  Each participant will receive a commemorative button “RENEWING OUR LEGACY” and a written explanation of the event which can be handed to bystanders if necessary, and a copy of the noon prayer.  In accordance with the national guidelines, we repeat their instructions too:  “If opposition protests are conducted, the participants will not engage counter demonstrators or hecklers in any way.  Any interference with participants’ rights to freedom of speech and assembly will be referred to the police authorities who will be in attendance.  If participants are approached by the media for comment, they should refer reporters and journalists to the local rally coordinators (who will be recognizable) for an interview.”

RULES:  In addition to the above, no food, drink or vendors will be permitted, and no sale of items anywhere from check-in to finish.  It is intended that this be an event that families with children will be comfortable in attending, and giving example to the next generation of witnessing on behalf of our rights.

Imagine the Freedom

For more information:  See the website (homepage) for St. Mary Canandaigua: or call Deacon Claude Lester at 585-394-1220, ext. 15 or write to him at   If you are coming in a large group, e.g. with a bus, please be sure to call to arrange for accessible parking. 

In addition to the above information on the procession, and while not part of the official event,

please be aware that Mass during Lent is celebrated at 12:10 PM at St. Mary’s,

with Stations of the Cross afterward. 

If you are planning to stay, please use the St. Mary parking lot,

otherwise please use one of the alternative sites to which signage will direct you conveniently nearby.


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