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The Bearer of Rotten Fruit

November 29th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

To follow up on Gen’s post, I have compiled the October Mass attendance totals (what the Diocese of Rochester uses to determine each parish’s annual attendance average) for the first three years of Sr. Joan Sobala’s tenure at St. Anne church. Some data is missing, but you should get a pretty good picture of the fruit of Sr. Joan Sobala’s tenure as priestess administrator of St. Anne parish.

Pre-Joan: Unknown for certain, but reportedly in the mid-600s to mid 700s range according to persons who counted the attendance.

First month of Sr. Sobala’s tenure (June/July 2008)- 628
Oct. 2008 – 517
Oct. 2009 – 474
Oct. 2010 – 437

Change from June/July 2008 to Oct. 2010: -191 per weekend or -30%

By their fruit you shall know them…

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One Response to “The Bearer of Rotten Fruit”

  1. Bernie says:

    I should think that such a decline would spark reflection on the part of the parish council –as well as Sister– and the indication of a corrective course. I can understand Sister’s reluctance –she’s on on mission– but I don’t understand the lack of leadership on the part of those who represent those who pay the bills. I left but many stayed saying it would all work out. Has it?

    It’s not as if the decline happened all at once and then stopped. The decline has been steady and continuing. Each week I learn of more who have recently left.

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