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“A More Vibrant Catholic Community”

November 4th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

“For many of you, this significant change will be viewed as a journey of hope taken together to build a stronger, more vibrant Catholic community in Irondequoit. For others, my decision may cause some disappointment, hurt or even anger. I pray that those who disagree with my decision will understand that it was not made lightly or without firm and compelling reasons.”

– Bishop Matthew H. Clark

Perhaps if His Excellency opened his eyes, he would see that there is already a “more vibrant Catholic community in Irondequoit.” All he has to do is reach out to them and stop scattering the flock. This photo is not evidence of a dwindling population or a dying parish. It is, however, evidence of the complete devotion of the parishioners of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha parish to the Church and Her Divine Creator.

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2 Responses to ““A More Vibrant Catholic Community””

  1. In regard to the closing of churches in Irondequoit and elsewhere: There appears to be a predetermined plan in place by the Diocese of Rochester to close schools and churches. Parishoners and parents have been asked to pay for renovations and even expense additions to churches and schools, such as baptismal fonts in churches and new gymnasiums and entrance ways in schools, only to have them closed shortly after. Decisions cannot be made with much thought to parishoners and parents. I am a firm believer that the people of the church should own their own property and make decisions regarding that property, not the Diocese of Rochester.

  2. Monk says:

    STA parishioners were made to purchase the $30,000 organ from the Cathedral (DoR) shortly before they were slated for closure. They also spent tens of thousands of dollars to renovate their parish center so it could accommodate their religious ed program only to have their program shut down and moved to Christ the King by Fr. Tanck. STA parish finances were hidden from parishioners for years. There was no state of the parish finances shared with parishioners for many many years. What a travesty of justice!

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